Proven Measures to Guard Cryptocurrency Wallets

Proven Measures to Guard Cryptocurrency Wallets

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Cryptocurrencies have gained widespread popularity all around the world. Today more and more places are accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. There are even ATMs being installed in certain countries. However, there’s still an increasing need for security measures or tools like Betternet that allows keeping cryptocurrency wallets safe.

Data encryption is the first thing a cautious wallet holder should think about. Today, a VPN has established itself as the most trustworthy tool for encrypting sensitive data on the Net. This technology was designed specifically for private data transfer. Today it’s available for all individual internet users.

A VPN creates a secret tunnel between two servers, providing a customer with a virtual IP address. This IP will be used for an online session. It means no third-party is able to trace private data on the Internet. Moreover, the most advanced VPN providers use military-grade 256-bit encryption that is considered to be extremely robust and not hackable even for the fastest computer in the world.

With a VPN, virtual access to the Internet can be originated from different countries. It means that a VPN can also give a possibility to change a virtual location. It is vital as digital money was prohibited on the major financial markets for years. And even today not all countries permit their residents to buy and sell such cryptocurrency as Ethereum or others. Moreover, converting one token to another can result in paying enormous taxes. A VPN, in turn, can help to avoid paying unnecessary fees.

Speaking about other safety measures, it’s also extremely important to secure a PC. Robust antivirus is able to scan sites, detect malware and monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic by means of anti-hacker firewalls. To avoid vulnerability, a user should keep his PC up-to-date. Updating a device, it’s possible to fix security holes and reduce the risks of malware.

A lot of people neglect to create a secure password. Meanwhile, weak passwords are the first reason for such a high level of cyberattacks these days. A robust password should look like gibberish and contain not only alphabet but numbers, upper and lower cases, and other characters. It’s also recommended to set up 2FA (a two-factor authentication) system. In this case, to get access to private data a hacker should have not only a password but a user’s phone as well.

Core wallets are another security measure for keeping cryptos for a long time. On the other hand, it’s recommended to use multicoin wallets for daily cryptocurrency expenses. However, one should be extremely cautious as some software which is offered as a wallet is, in fact, malware aimed to jeopardize security and privacy.

Undoubtedly, online security should be the primary goal for every prudent cryptocurrency holder. There is no the only safety solution. However, all security measures together will undoubtedly help an individual user to gain privacy and anonymity while using cryptocurrency.

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