20% of Brits Think Bitcoin Will Be ”As Common As Cash or Card”

20% of Brits Think Bitcoin Will Be ”As Common As Cash or Card”

Although the majority of the cryptocurrency community overwhelmingly views shifts towards cryptocurrencies as an inevitability, laymen have been more reserved. However, a recent poll from the UK shows that a record amount of people view Bitcoin as a foregone conclusion.

This Bitcoin-centered poll was conducted by YouGov, which is a global research and data firm. YouGov compiles and aggregates data in order for governments, people and industries to be able to make informed decisions.

93% of respondents were aware of Bitcoin

Moreover, the recently conducted poll found men are nearly three times as likely to feel they ”understand” Bitcoin as women. A total of 40% of men either felt they understood Bitcoin ”very well” or ”fairly well.” The corresponding amount of female respondents was 14%.

Furthermore, the survey also found that a whopping 93% of all of those polled were aware of Bitcoin. This figure is remarkable – considering Bitcoin’s relative youth – and is likely a direct effect of Bitcoin’s meteoric rise during 2017.

In addition to this, 6% of all men surveyed had purchased Bitcoin, compared to a relatively meager 1% of women. It is also worth noting that the majority of those investing in Bitcoin are comparatively young. Whilst this might seem logical, young people, in general, have traditionally not been as interested in investing as elders.

20% of respondents see Bitcoin becoming as common as credit cards or cash

Perhaps the most notable fact revealed, however, is the large number of participants who see a bright future for Bitcoin. In fact, 20% of respondents answered that they firmly believe that Bitcoin will become as common as credit cards or cash in the future.

This is especially worth highlighting as far less than 20% of those polled said that they own Bitcoin. Arguably, this shows that there is a large number of cryptocurrency supporters who have yet to invest in the cryptocurrency.

It should be noted, however, that this also means that 80% of those polled have a negative outlook towards Bitcoin. Nevertheless, it is quite possible that this will shift. In fact, the survey also found that only 44% of people polled were either ”very” or ”fairly” negative towards a currency controlled by those using it, rather than a central bank.

In summary, however, it is worth noting that a 93% awareness of Bitcoin among the general public is substantial. Furthermore, that 20% sees Bitcoin as becoming as common as credit cards or cash is also worth highlighting.

Whilst this number might seem low to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, it is still substantial. If representable of the entire population, this would mean that over 13 million – just in the UK – already view Bitcoin as ”inevitable.”

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