Advantages of the Financial Partners Marketing Platform

The world-leading affiliate network Financial Partners Marketing specializes in bringing exclusive financial offers to people all around the world. Financial Partners Marketing provides one of the most comprehensive offerings in order to increase conversions, build partnerships and deliver a first-class affiliate network.

Specifically, Financial Partners Marketing (stylized as but commonly known as FPM) especially focuses on providing certain select financial offers. Additionally, Financial Partners Marketing Global have a team of both professional and passionate marketers. These focus on successful conversions and have proven track records.

Advantages of FPM and Payment Plans

Furthermore, the FPM platform leverages various modern tools in order to streamline your conversions. As such, FPM offers access to various accurate statistics to track even the most obscure of details. It is also available in a wide variety of various languages, has an extensive assortment of promo-materials for partners, and offers two different types of collaboration.

The different payment plans that FPM Global have include CPA by Country, which means that an affiliate receives a certain commission for each qualified trader they manage to onboard (up to $1,200). They also offer a ”Hybrid Strategy”, in which CPA and revenue share are combined.

It is also possible to choose a traditional Revenue Share as a plan, through which an affiliate will get up to 50% of the onboarded users’ Gross revenue (spread). One of the offers that FPM are offering is that for Libertex.

FPM Offers

Libertex is an international brand that has been around for over twenty years. Moreover, it has a wealth of experience dealing with financial markets and online trading. As if this was not enough, Libertex also serves clients in over 110 countries.

FPM is also presenting an offer from StormGain trading platform, which is quickly getting a lot of attention from traders thanks to its number of trading pairs, advanced trading features and a wide variety of order types and tools.

Perhaps even more notably, the platform also presents users with the option to trade some of the most popular cryptocurrency pairs using an impressive 200x leverage. According to FPM’s description, StormGain offers all the functionality one needs for fully embracing one’s trading experience.

Last but not least, FPM is also conveying an offer from Forex Club. Forex Club is known all around the trading world, after helping various clients both trade assets and invest. This firm has over 100 offices around the world, and more than 700 employees to serve you.

Additionally, the platform has gained numerous flattering monikers, such as the ”best trading platform of the year”, ”broker of the year” and many others. As such, it seems clear that customers are well taken care of with Forex Club.

Signup and Payment

Joining FPM Global as an affiliate is also as easy as pie. You are literally just one click away from signing up when you go to the FPM Global landing page. Signing up just requires the user to enter the relevant personal details or any other pertinent information.

Additionally, FPM supports a wide variety of payment methods. As such, affiliates will likely find an option to their liking. The payment alternatives range from Bitcoin to PayPal, Skrill, UnionPay, WebMoney and others! Be sure to take a look at the FPM Global website today and see if they can help you and your business!

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