Alex Jones Says George Soros Offered Him $5 Million to Pump Bitcoin

Alex Jones Says George Soros Offered Him $5 Million to Pump Bitcoin

The controversial conspiracy theorist and founder of Infowars,  Alex Jones, has left the limelight somewhat since being ousted from several social platforms last year. Now, however, he has returned to the spotlight through being interviewed on the popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Moreover, Jones also made some interesting comments regarding Bitcoin.

Soros reportedly pushed for a Bitcoin pump

Jones suggested that George Soros – who Jones has publicly criticized countless times – had reached out to Jones in an effort to pump the price of Bitcoin.

Specifically, Jones alleged that Soros had contacted him through intermediaries several years back. Moreover, Soros had supposedly wanted Jones to cut back on his attacks on Soros. Furthermore, Jones also noted that the deal would have involved Jones advertising, or “pumping”, the price of Bitcoin.

“I got told eight years ago; I got told by two different people, two very well-known rich people, they said: ‘George Soros likes you. He wants to work with you… [as does] Alexander Soros… you just need to stop attacking him… and by the way, we want you to pump Bitcoin.”

In addition to this, Jones also shared that he had been offered payment in Bitcoin at the time, rather than in a conventional currency. If Jones had accepted the offer, he would have received about $5 million worth of Bitcoin at the time. Moreover, considering how long ago this was, that number could have increased dramatically.

“I got offered at the time about five million dollars worth of Bitcoin – I think it was about $38 million by the time it got there [the peak], and I refused it.”

Jones “believes” in cryptocurrency

Nevertheless, Jones still claimed to be a supporter of cryptocurrencies in general:

“I believe in cryptocurrencies. I believe it’s the future. We have a private federal reserve that’s all fiat – I’m not judging anybody, I’m just saying ‘be careful’.”

This is not the first time Jones has suggested that he had been offered to promote cryptocurrencies. He has also said that he was approached during the height of the cryptocurrency craze in 2017, with an offer of $1 million per month to promote a supposed cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme. Furthermore, Jones found the offer suspicious:

“That means they’re about to dump it… They’re pulling their money out of the Ponzi scheme, and they wanna bring in all the new suckers with the big advertising push to prop it up. So it collapses months later, and they don’t get the blame for pulling their money out – which is the crime – when they know it’s going down. It’s called a pump and dump!”

Nevertheless, as everything Alex Jones says, these latest statements should preferably also be taken with a grain of salt.

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