Anthony Pompliano Guides 1,420% Bitcoin Bull Run Due to Macro Fallout

Anthony Pompliano Guides 1,420% Bitcoin Bull Run Due to Macro Fallout

The co-founder of digital asset fund Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, is a well-known profile in the cryptocurrency industry. Now, Pompliano is suggesting that the current macroeconomic climate will help push Bitcoin to new heights. In a recent interview, Pompliano said he believes Bitcoin is on the verge of a massive 1,420% bull run.

Pompliano believes Bitcoin is on the verge of a 1,420% bull run

Specifically, these comments came during a recent interview on the Tech with Catalina YouTube channel. In the interview, Pompliano touches on a variety of different topics – including DeFi, the upcoming Bitcoin halving and the prospect of a US digital dollar.

However, the perhaps most notable part of the interview relates to Pompliano’s thoughts on the future price of Bitcoin. Pompliano guides a massive upcoming Bitcoin bull run, driven by the gloomy macroeconomic climate and the Bitcoin halving.

Toshi Times recently reported how fresh data shows Americans are buying crypto with their $1,200 stimulus checks. Moreover, it is less than a month left until the Bitcoin halving event, which observers believe could make the Bitcoin price reach an inflection point.

$100,000 Bitcoin by next December?

The Bitcoin halving will effectively cut Bitcoin’s future supply in half. As such, stock-to-flow (S2F) models suggest Bitcoin’s price should increase massively. According to Pompliano’s recent comments, he believes Bitcoin could rally by 1,420% – from its current price of $7,040 to $100,000.

Furthermore, Pompliano suggests that Bitcoin could rally and reach $100,000 as soon as by the end of next year. In addition to the current macroeconomic circumstances, Pompliano also references the Federal Reserve’s controversial “quantitative easing forever” measures:

“So [by the] end of 2021, I think Bitcoin will hit $100,000 in US dollar value. And really, the reason for that is a combination of the macro-environment with the halving structure […] You then have massive quantitative easing. [In] the United States, we’ve announced two trillion dollars in stimulus. Japan just approved an almost one trillion dollar stimulus plan.”

“We will see a very material increase in price”

Consequently, Pompliano’s bullish comments are clearly guiding a massive increase in the price of Bitcoin. However, he suggests that this surge will be incremental at first – and will eventually build to a more material one.

“Within the first 18 months of the halving, give or take, we will see a very material increase in price. My guess is that we’ll see $100,000 by the end of December 2021 at a minimum.”

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