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Stellar – The First Blockchain Protocol Thar Becomes Sharia- Certified
Stellar – The First Blockchain Protocol That Becomes Sharia- Certified
The sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Stellar, is the first Distributed ledger technology (DLT) protocol to obtain Sharia compliance certification. The Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB) stated: “ Based on provided information, SRB conducted its review on the Network’s guides, concepts and related material and did not find any provisions that are non-congruent to the principles of Shari’a. ” This means that after critical examination, the SRB has decided that the…
$6 Trillion Blackrocks-Asset-Managament-Firm is Looking Into Bitcoin
$6 Trillion BlackRock Asset Management Firm is Looking Into Bitcoin
Controversial debates continue about whether large institutions should support the blockchain industry. Jamie Dimon, who is the CEO of JP Morgan, once said that Bitcoin was a fraud. This pronouncement raise concerns regarding the future of this industry in the scenario where large institutions will not support the space. BlackRock is one of the world’s leading asset management firms with approximately $6.28 trillion in AUM (Assets Under Management). Recently, a…
Coinbase Possibly Will Add 5 New Altcoins
Coinbase Possibly Will Add 5 New Altcoins
Coinbase, the well-known digital currency exchange stated that is planning to add five new assets into their platform by saying: “We are exploring the addition of several new assets, and will be working with local banks and regulators to add them in as many jurisdictions as possible.” These assets are under investigation in order to assure that they comply with all the listing requirements that Coinbase demand. The ones that…
Ripple Is Planning to be the Leader Cryptocurrency in India
Ripple Is Planning to be the Leader of Cryptocurrency in India
The Scaling and Digital Disruption conference took place in Wharton, University of Pennsylvania. One of the main speakers of this conference was Asheesh Birla, who is the Vice President of Product of Ripple. He highlighted that the company is planning to be the leader cryptocurrency (XRP) in India by surpassing Bitcoin as the dominant one.  A step back into Indian’s Economy On November 8th of 2017, Mr Modi who is…