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Brexit The Case for Blockchain
Brexit: The Case for Blockchain
Brexit has degraded into a crisis of faith in the legitimacy of the democratic process. In a world of outdated systems, blockchain tech presents the most realistic chances of recovery. For European readers in particular, Brexit has been an ever-present poltergeist in the headlines now for what seems like forever. Each week that goes by, we seem to reach peak Brexit, only to have that week’s events of idiocy outshone…
Hyperbitcoinisation Is the Bitcoin Price a Useless Valuation
Hyperbitcoinisation: Is the Bitcoin Price a Useless Valuation?
The bitcoin price in USD – or whatever your local currency is – is not the point when we’re talking about the world’s future reserve currency. Last week we finally saw positive movement in the markets, the likes of which perhaps a few of the more doubting among us thought was consigned to the crypto history books. Gains of more than 25% in bitcoin over the last seven-day period, not…
Google It Bitcoin Searches Highest Since November on GoogleGoogle It Bitcoin Searches Highest Since November on Google
Google It: Bitcoin Searches Highest Since November on Google
The volume of bitcoin searches on the world’s largest search engine has spiked along with this week’s price, with the site recording the highest in 6 months. The bitcoin price isn’t the only thing spiking this week it seems, as data from Google’s trend analytics shows that bitcoin is currently at its most-searched since November 2018. This week saw the price of the original cryptocurrency shoot up by more than…
SEC Ruling on TurnKey Jet ICO Tokens Not Securities, New Digital Currency Framework
SEC Ruling on TurnKey Jet: ICO Tokens Not Securities, New Digital Currency Framework?
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued a no-action letter confirming TurnKey Jet’s ICO tokens (TKJ) are not securities. In a positive move for largely unknown jet-leasing start-up TurnKey Jet, the SEC has released a letter in which it states that the tokens the firm issues during its initial coin offering are not securities so long as they adhere to a number of conditions. As a result,…