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Blockchain Developer Positions Are Most Rapidly Growing Job Category on LinkedIn
Blockchain Developer Positions Are Most Rapidly Growing Job Category on LinkedIn
According to a report published by professional networking platform LinkedIn, jobs with the title “Blockchain Developer” are the fastest growing job category in the United States. LinkedIn is the biggest professional and work-related social media platform out there and lists millions of jobs on its site. According to a recent report, published by LinkedIn which focuses on emerging jobs in the US over 2018, the position of “Blockchain Developer” is…
A Beginners Guide to Atomic Swaps
What are Atomic Swaps?
Atomic Swaps. If you find your response to these 2 words being “what?” don’t worry, we’re about to break it down; a lot of things in the cryptocurrency space sound technical, but underneath the basic concept is actually pretty simple. Atomic Swaps are no different. If you’ve read our guide on cryptocurrency exchanges, you’ll realise that exchanges are essentially a central third party, through which users can buy and sell…
Tanking Price + Record Volume = Institutions Buying Dip
Tanking Price + Record Volume = Institutions Buying Dip?
The recent drop in price of bitcoin has coincided with record volume figures for the bitcoin ETP, launched by Swiss Exchange SIX last month. Institutional Investors are suspected to be behind this as they buy up bitcoin at rock-bottom prices. To the dismay of many, bitcoin has lost almost 50% of its volume over the last month, currently sitting at just above the $3,400-mark. Whilst on the surface this may…
What is Blockchain
What is Blockchain?
Even if you’re completely new to the cryptocurrency space, chances are you’ve heard of blockchain and you may even have a rough idea about what it is already. It’s a simple enough concept to grasp: at its most basic level, it is an accurate record of everything which has ever happened on a given network. That may not sound so impressive straight off the bat, but its significance is pretty…