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Decentralised or Centralised Exchanges Which Should You be Using
Decentralised or Centralised Exchanges: Which Should You Be Using?
There’s actually a good chance these days that even your grandma has heard of bitcoin. Your parents may even own some, and you may have overheard someone at work talking about how they bought $50 worth of Litecoin and it’s going to the moon. With so many people coming into the crypto space, it’s time we looked at how secure our holdings are – particularly, the types of exchanges we…
Charlie Lee’s Wishes Granted Now Accepting Litecoin
Charlie Lee’s Wishes Granted: Now Accepting Litecoin
The porn industry and crypto love affair continues, to many people’s delight. Charlie Lee, after mocking PornHub for choosing Verge as partners, has – perhaps accidentally – got Litecoin registered as a payment method on After Verge announced its partnership with PornHub in April after a huge fundraiser, there was general adulation from crypto and porn enthusiasts alike – as you can imagine, quite a male-dominated party. Adoption by…
Bank of England Governor not Opposed to Creating Own Digital Currency
Bank of England Governor Not Opposed to Creating Own Digital Currency
The governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney has indicated that he is not opposed to the idea of creating a central bank issued digital currency, whilst speaking at the Riksbank of Sweden on Friday. Carney was speaking on a panel as part of the Riksbank’s 350th birthday ceremony when he made the remarks. Many will see this as a distinct change in tune of Carney, who previously been…
Fighting Tax Evasion with Blockchain – One Chinese City Leads the Fight
Fighting Tax Evasion with Blockchain – One Chinese City Leads the Fight
The tax authority in the Chinese city of Shenzhen is attempting a novel way in fighting tax evasion, by using blockchain technology. The internet giant Tencent and Shenzhen National Taxation Bureau have partnered together to establish the ‘Intelligent Tax’ innovation lab which hopes to foster technological innovation and adoption within the tax process. The aim of the project is to connect research with technology, including blockchain and artificial intelligence in…