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“[Cryptocurrency] is still sufficiently technically complex to keep it out of the mainstream” - Jordan Peterson
“[Cryptocurrency] is still sufficiently technically complex to keep it out of the mainstream” – Jordan Peterson
Deplatforming and Censorship Resistance In a recently released video, controversial public intellectual Dr. Jordan Peterson and YouTube personality Dave Rubin discussed their intention of leaving the content creator funding site Patreon on January 15, 2019. They made this decision in protest to Patreon’s perceived censorship of other creators — namely Patreon’s deplatforming of Carl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad. Leaving Patreon represents a stand against the moves that technology companies…
What is Proof of Stake?
Reaching Consensus in a Decentralized World Trust is at the center of all decentralized cryptocurrencies. The main implication of Satoshi’s solving of the “double spend” problem is the elimination of trusted third parties. The word trustless is thrown around a lot concerning cryptocurrencies, and while a truly decentralized system has eliminated the need for a trusted third-party, trust is still an important component for the system. Third parties have served…
Charles Hoskinson Brings Smart Contract Innovation to FinTech
Charles Hoskinson Brings Smart Contract Innovation to Cardano
While the Crypto Winter has left investors anxious, development by crypto projects has not stopped. Now that the frenzy of 2017 has died down, the real work in blockchain development has continued. Companies are laying the groundwork for their ecosystems free from the manic attention of rabid investors looking for pump and dump schemes. Companies such as Charles Hoskinson’s IOHK continue building infrastructure. Any doubters of the space should take…
Blockchain and K-Voting
Blockchain and K-Voting
According to The Korea Times, the Republic of South Korea is considering pursuing a Blockchain-based voting system. Spurred by the push to take advantage of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National Election Commission (NEC) are seeking to take advantage of the trust and verifiability inherent in Blockchain-based protocols. “The technology fundamentally prevents forgery or falsification of voting results. It also enables candidates and…