Felicia Feldt

Google Searches for “Bitcoin” Fall Simultaneously With Bitcoin’s Price
After the price of Bitcoin (BTC) fell below $7000, following the crypto market downtrend of February 2018, the amount of Google searches for “Bitcoin” has dropped to its lowest levels since October 2017. It is clear from the data of Google Trends, that searches for “Bitcoin” were the most prominent throughout the 17th  to the 23rd of December 2017, coinciding with Bitcoin’s price, which rose above $20,000 for the first…
Bitmain, China‘s Major Crypto Mining Giant, To Develop New Mining Centers In The US, Document Suggests
Bitmain, China‘s major cryptocurrency mining company and hardware manufacturer, is unofficially involved in the development of new mining centers in the US. According to companies-number.com, registration documents of Ant Creek LLC, a firm based in Tumwater, Washington, show that the company‘s ownership is filed under the name of Jihan Wu, the co-founder of Bitmain. The operating for-profit company was registered as an LLC on June 28, 2017. As stated by…