CryptoRefills Allows Cryptocurrency Holders To Discover New Ways to Use Their Crypto
The last few years have seen cryptocurrencies increasingly begin to make their way into the mainstream. Specifically, ever since the highly publicized cryptocurrency bull run in late 2017, a growing amount of regular consumers have become familiarized with cryptocurrencies. However, it can still be a very real challenge for casual consumers to know when and how to use their cryptocurrencies. Although some cryptocurrency holders are fully onboard with the philosophy…
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TrustDice releases Crash Game supporting BTC and ETH
People always ask when blockchain will go mainstream. When Facebook launches its own cryptocurrency? When Telegram launches TON network? Or when old money starts buying Bitcoin? The TrustDice team believes that blockchain will go mainstream when millions of people play blockchain games every day. During the past 2 years, blockchain gaming grows fast. Nowadays there’re almost 3000 Dapps (Decentralized Apps) built on blockchain (Ethereum, EOS, TRON, etc) and 60% of…
Is crypto coming to online casinos?
A decade after it introduced to the world, the blockchain continues to find its way in expected and unexpected places. Many are still skeptical about the virtues of the technology, but the interest continues to grow, even among governmental entities. Nevertheless, some industries are yet to adopt the blockchain and readily take advantage of its many applications. Gambling is among them. But before discussing crypto and casinos, let’s see some…
How can the blockchain transform the educational system?
How Can Blockchain Transform the Education System?
Blockchain and cryptocurrency are gaining momentum for quite some time now. Bitcoin is indeed pioneering the virtual currency scenario, yet the most interesting aspect is the network characteristics of the blockchain. The network of blockchain is essentially an open, decentralized database that allows the data to be shared in a highly secure manner.  The main advantage is that the entire community that it is shared with can easily verify the…