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Challenges and Trends Related to Crypto Gaming
It is undeniable that the crypto gaming industry could be a powerful avenue to increased cryptocurrency adoption. What’s more, digital assets are quickly turning traditional notions on their head. This comes as the advent of the internet has created a new world, which can be seen as a parallel world to the physical world.  Digital assets and aspects of the digital world will only become more important Some people already…
Cocos-BCX Crypto Gaming
Why Crypto Gaming Will Be Crucial to Drive Adoption
It is impossible to discuss the cryptocurrency industry without mentioning gaming. Specifically, crypto gaming can be a critical tool to drive general adoption and create buzz. Put simply, engaging crypto games that are ”good enough” will attract users and act as a gateway to cryptocurrencies for a wider audience.  Cocos-BCX wants to make crypto gaming simple and fun Cryptocurrencies also offer an entirely new dimension to gaming. For example, crypto…
Next-Generation Resistance DEX Explained. Why Current DEXs FAIL Miserably.
This is going to be a series of articles about decentralized exchanges and the technology that powers them. In this first article, I want to outline the reasons why decentralized exchanges are important, why they are currently failing, and what can be done about it. World Wide Web Trajectory One of the biggest elephants in the room in the blockchain space today is the fact that a handful of powerful…
Best Crypto Exchanges 2019
Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges: In-Depth Review 2019
Cryptocurrencies have grown explosively in popularity during the past year, but it can still seem complicated to begin trading. There is a veritable plethora of readily available cryptocurrency exchanges – so which ones are the ones for you? The following guide lists some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as some specifics to each exchange. What is a cryptocurrency exchange? A cryptocurrency exchange is, put simply, an exchange for…