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Why Coinbase Won’t Add Ripple to Its Exchange
Why Coinbase Won’t Add Ripple to Its Exchange
Nearly a week ago (December 7th), Coinbase announced that it would explore the possible addition of up to 31 new crypto assets. As one of the leading crypto exchanges, Coinbase plans to integrate additional digital assets into its exchange. Ripple (XRP), is one of the digital currencies Coinbase is considering. Currently, this cryptocurrency stands as the second most valuable digital asset based on market valuation. XRP checks in at a…
Blockchain and Healthcare How Two Industries Can Work Together for the Greater Good
Blockchain and Healthcare: How Two Industries Can Work Together for the Greater Good
Blockchain technology is widely used and is ideally suited for many use cases in a variety of industries. This technology is perfectly suited for the Healthcare industry in specific areas. These include supply chain, digital records, product provenance, and many others. Even with the advances which blockchain has created, people tend to view this new technology in one of two ways. Some see it in tandem with Bitcoin. In their…
Coinbase Takes a Backseat to Square as Top Bitcoin Buying App
Square Surpasses Coinbase as Top Bitcoin Buying App
Recently, Coinbase was passed by Square as the premier Bitcoin buying app, at least on iOS. Square – owned and operated by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey – is a payment platform primarily used by individuals and retailers. CashApp, as the app is known on Apple’s iOS, took the overall number one spot from YouTube as well. The free mobile application shows a rising demand in the U.S. market for digitized…
How Cryptocurrency Prices Work
How do Cryptocurrency Prices Work?
If you’ve spent any time with cryptocurrencies then you know how volatile their prices can be. Which begs the question, how do these types of digital currencies compare with traditional currencies? Especially considering neither one is backed by gold or anything else of value. The easiest difference to spot between the two currencies is that traditional currencies have the backing of centralized governments. These governments declare their currencies as legal…