Bail yourself out of Jail with Bitcoin (BTC)

In a case in San Francisco, California in the United States a criminal was ordered to pay the bail amount in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. The new order of payment might lead to being a precedent for other cases using Cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.

The bail will be paid by a 25-year-old Serbian and Italian national living in Udine, Italy named Martin Marsich. He was caught for hacking the popular video game maker Electronic Arts (EA). He stole the company’s licenses and in-game currency for its popular soccer game FIFA 2018.

He was arrested on the 8th of August, and on the next day at the hearing the surprise notion of payment of $750,0000 in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency as bail was pronounced by the judge.

According to the law of the United States, judges in America have the right to order the collection of bail amount in any way, whether it be real estate or in this case cryptocurrencies. The US Assistant District Attorney Abraham Simmons said, “It really is quite broad. The judge could order just about anything. What the objective is to get the defendant to comply with an order to appear later.”

What about the high fluctuations in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Simmons explained that it would result in the bail amount changing if either party files a motion.

What makes this bail payment using Bitcoin even more interesting is the fact that a relative from another country can pay. The payment can be made from anywhere thanks to the efficiency of cryptocurrency’s cross-border transactions. Since the offender, in this case, lives in Italy, making payments in US Dollar for bail might be an issue, and thus the judge used the law in the best regard possible.

Another use case of Bitcoin, in solving Bail money issues when fighting cases from across the world.

Image Source: “Flickr”

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