Belgium Donates to World Food Programme’s Blockchain Solution

Belgium Donates to Blockchain Technology for Food Donation

Blockchain Technology is reaching out to fight against an issue which has been going on for a long time, which is hunger in deprived areas. This project is titled “Building Blocks” and will allow the United Nations to help the underprivileged.

Belgium’s government has made a grand gesture towards this project by contributing €2 million ($2.4 million). This project is by the World Food Programme (WFP) and will help an underlying issue in today’s world about ensuring food reaching the underprivileged.

Belgium’s contribution will be used to expand on the research of the blockchain solution in addition to the natural disaster solution using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

The United Nations has already expanded on Ethereum Blockchain technology in the last one year. Ethereum has ensured food rations were given to refugees in Jordan so that they can buy food without the need for cash.

The problems of efficiency and transparency in the World Food Programme’s cash transfers are now solved with the help of Blockchain technology. An example of its benefit is seen with over 100,000 Syrian refugees given food and other crucial resources in the right manner after donations.

Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Development Cooperation, Alexander De Croo at the Leveraging Innovation for Humanitarian Action in New York said-

“Innovation saves lives. This year, more than 128 million people across the world will need humanitarian assistance and protection. This is triple the number of three years ago. Only by finding better ways to deliver aid more efficiently will we close the gap between requirements and aid delivery on the ground. Belgium lauds the efforts of WFP to come up with innovative solutions to save more lives and help more people in need.”

World Food Programme’s chief of staff Rehan Asad said

“Humanitarians must relentlessly look for ways to harness the most promising digital technologies in the service of the world’s most vulnerable people. We are grateful to committed partners such as Belgium for helping us do just that.”

This project is ensuring more aid is given for less which provides donators with a better value for money. Donators, in this case, will provide plenty knowing that there are no intermediaries and hence donations are going into safer hands.

In India ‘Million Meals’ which is the world’s largest midday school meal program which caters to 1.6 million children used Blockchain’s decentralized technology for the food supply chain process.

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