BEXAM To Offer Hybrid Blockchain/DAG Technology Platform, Focus on Speed, Multi-Layered Security, Cost-Effectiveness

BEXAM To Offer Hybrid BlockchainDAG Technology Platform, Focus on Speed, Multi-Layered Security, Cost-Effectiveness

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BEXAM aims to provide the world’s first-ever blockchain solution for large-scale enterprise databases. Utilizing BEXAM in a business setting can lend increased security, high speed transactions, and more scalable operations to enterprises all around the globe.

BEXAM started as a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange, but soon realized that the underlying mix of blockchain and DAG technology could be put to better use in a more comprehensive context. This led to the rise of BEXAM’s business-oriented public blockchain/DAG hybrid platform.

The underlying idea is that businesses will no longer have to choose between centralized and vulnerable systems or slow and decentralized platforms. Rather, the BEXAM platform gives businesses the option for a user-friendly system which puts security, speed and scalability front and center.

Specifically, this is made possible by BEXAM’s use of a flexible chain structure and a new consensus-building ”Proof of Rounds” (PoR) algorithm. As a result, BEXAM is able to reach block times of a whopping 0.2 seconds. Moreover, the platform can also handle a massive 40 million transactions per second (TPS).

This puts BEXAM far ahead of other major players such as EOS (capable of supporting 3,996 TPS) or even VISA (56,000 TPS). This means that countless businesses working with BEXAM will be able to reap the platform’s benefits even under heavy traffic.

Some might wonder why BEXAM is solely targeting businesses. According to Paulo D’Alberti, BEXAM’s Chief Marketing Officer, this stems from difficulties experienced by the blockchain industry to prove its usefulness in a mainstream manner.

BEXAM is of the belief that implementing blockchain technology in a business setting could ultimately lead to a ”trickle-down” effect of sorts, where the technology will then subsequently make its way to a more mainstream setting.

Furthermore, D’Alberti also states that a platform intended for ”individual developers and programmers will be available in the first half of 2019.” In addition to this, D’Alberti notes that BEXAM’s primary focus will be on tailor-made business solutions – as BEXAM will not offer a one-size-fits-all solution.

BEXAM will release a native utility token – the BEXAM token – by the end of 2018, which will power the BEXAM platform. In addition to this, BEXAM will launch the BEXAM Exchange during this timeframe.

Moreover, BEXAM’s private sale is currently live. Those interested could visit their website for more information, and take a look at their white papers – the BEXAM Whitepaper and the PoR Whitepaper. BEXAM’s public exchange offering (IEO) will be announced at a later date.

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