Bitcoin Cash Powered Patreon Competitor Launching This August

Bitcoin Cash Powered Patreon Competitor Launching This August

A group of developers has recently announced the development of a cryptocurrency-powered platform akin to that of popular membership service Patreon. Dubbed ””, this platform aims to be ”censorship-resistant” and rely solely on payments made in Bitcoin Cash.

Patreon is a popular membership service that allows creators to create specific subscriptions for different types of content. The platform has become popular amongst musicians, podcasters, artists, YouTubers, writers and essentially all sorts of creators to set up a direct revenue stream.

However, there are some drawbacks to Patreon. For one, the service does not allow all types of content, for example censoring adult content, and the service does not support cryptocurrency payments – citing IRS-related reasons.

This led Jimmy Biter, the founder of the React wallet and, and front-end developer Maciej Bowkorski to begin constructing the platform. According to the two developers, a decentralized membership application will bring a plethora of advantages compared to a centralized platform.

The Bitreon service will feature an Electron Cash plugin, allowing people to get recurring payments. Moreover, users will be able to register accounts anonymously, and pay for their subscriptions without sharing personal identification.

The platform will reportedly ”make it possible for creators to reach their maximum creative potential”, as well as allow subscribers to ” enjoy the best their favorite creators can offer”. In addition to this, the service is meant to boost Bitcoin Cash adoption.

A functional version of the is currently slated for release on August 1, and the full Bitreon application will reportedly be ready on September 1. The developer duo has already released the project’s white paper, detailing its purpose and how it will function.

In order to bring the platform online, the two developers are looking for funding from the cryptocurrency community. This is intended to finance the marketing of the Bitreon platform to new users.

At the moment of writing, the Bitreon team has already raised 47 BCH, or approximately $34,500. This represents a sizable portion of their total 100 BCH goal, or around $72,900, which they are ultimately looking to attract.

It looks as if the project is well on its way towards becoming a reality, and could surely represent a helpful and practical service for those looking to support creators or subscribe using Bitcoin Cash, especially as Patreon appears reluctant to integrate cryptocurrency support of its own.

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