Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin Trading Added to Yahoo Finance Platform

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin Trading Added to Yahoo Finance Platform

Even though majority of the general public either have not heard about digital currencies or have a negative opinion due to widely documented issues, such as hacker probes, fraud and huge volatility, there are increasing signs that mass adoption is coming further down the road. In yet another positive announcement for crypto aficionados, Yahoo Finance has integrated bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin trading on its platform.

Yahoo Finance provides a host of statistical metrics on other digital assets, like ripple, bitcoin cash and stellar but these tokens do not yet have a buy/sell option. As of right now, trading appears to be only available in the US. Trading is enabled through Yahoo’s internal API that links investors with online financial brokers, i.e. Coinbase.

Crypto enthusiasts have welcomed the announcement, which is a yet another small step towards mainstream adoption.

According to a recent PwC survey, institutional interest in cryptocurrencies is growing – yet another sign of mainstream adoption. The study involved 600 respondents, who were all senior executives in big institutions, with 31 percent of represented companies, generating over $1 billion in yearly revenue. 84 percent of executives reported having an ongoing blockchain project in their organization.

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