BitGo’s Engineer Lopp Offers $100,000 to People Who Will Help Him Identify the Person Who ‘SWATed’ Him

BitGo’s Engineer Lopp Offers $100,000 to People Who Will Help Him Indentify the Person Who 'SWATed' Him

Jameson Lopp, a skilled person who engineers BitGo and created, had a fraudulent police report in October last year. The person who made the statement claimed he had killed someone and was holding hostages at Lopp’s house in Durham. The story led to a SWAT team rushing to Lopp’s house, but this was not taken very lightly by Lopp.

Nine months later, Lopp has offered a whopping $100,000 through his Medium article to anyone who provides information for arresting the person who filed the fake police report.  

Lopp showed the world what ‘swatting’ was, with an audio tape of the phony phone call.

“The militarization of police combined with nonexistent authentication creates a great environment for SWATing,” Lopp stated.

A tweet posted by Lopp on that same very day when the police barged into his neighborhood on a fake call proved his bravery.

However, after the tweet, a threatening voicemail was sent his way.

Jameson Lopp has been outspoken about his hatred towards SegWit2x. SegWit2x is a scaling solution for Bitcoin’s transactions and was released in November 2017. According to Lopp, the report was due to Lopp’s tweet about SegWit2x.

The harassment did not end with the voicemail. There were even emails signing him for numerous email marketing lists. His website also faced a DoS attack. He solved the issue by getting his host to blackhole the IP address to protect its infrastructure. was a service Lopp made to help provide statistics about bitcoin node software.

With such dangerous signs, Lopp has got a 360-degree 4k resolution surveillance camera installed in his property along with firearms available near him at all times.

Jameson Lopp is a prominent engineer who has brought several issues to the crypto world’s notice. For example the issue of lost and stolen Bitcoin on the effects of the total supply and price of Bitcoin.

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