Bitstamp’s New Matching Engine Will Be 1250x Faster

Bitstamp’s New Matching Engine Will Be 1250x Faster

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp is now teaming up with Nasdaq-owned trading and clearing systems provider Cinnober. Through replacing its own technology with Cinnober’s, Bitstamp’s matching system will reportedly become 1,250x faster.

This news comes in a recent blog post published by Bitstamp. More specifically, Cinnober will lend its ”TRADExpress Trading System” software stack to Bitstamp. The software will be customized to suit Bitstamp’s specific needs, and operated by the exchange.

Will bridge the gap between crypto and traditional finance

”This is a crucial step on our mission to bridge the gap between crypto and traditional finance and will push the technological frontier in crypto trading a step further. We chose Cinnober because of their proven track-record in worldwide financial marketplaces, their understanding of our vision and ability to work closely with us to customize the technology to meet our needs,” the blog post from Bitstamp reads.

Furthermore, Bitstamp’s Chief Technology Officer, David Osojnik, has taken to Twitter to promise massive speed increases as a result. He also stated that although Bitstamp’s existing engine was at the forefront of crypto matching, TRADExpress will surpass it.

”While Bitstamp’s matching engine was already very good by crypto standards,” Osojnik noted, ”this will put us in the same league as traditional exchanges with decades of experience.”

Bitstamp to have 1250x faster matching speed and 400x greater throughput

Osojnik claims of mind-boggling speed increases were also cited in Bitstamp’s blog post. ”Our platform’s order matching speed is expected to become 1250x faster, while throughput will increase by 400x.”

This represents a dramatic speed increase over Bitstamp’s existing matching engine. The new matching engine software, however, will be implemented in steps. Specifically, the first implementations are currently slated for Q1 of 2019, and the system will be finished in Q2.

Bitstamp is touting the upcoming implementation of the TRADExpress system as something that will facilitate future growth. ”It will allow us to meet any amount of demand and provide […] additional services without a drop in performance.”

Cinnober’s CEO, Peter Lenardos, also commented on the partnership following its reveal. ”We are excited to announce this partnership with Bitstamp, facilitating continued success for their marketplace,” Lenardos said.

”Bitstamp is one of the world’s leading exchanges and has a position of trust in the digital currency trading community. By upgrading their trading technology to further improve performance and reliability […] they demonstrate their firm commitment to providing a safe and reliable marketplace,” Lenardos concluded.

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