BlockShow Americas Kicks Off, Discussing Blockchain Democracy, Free Money and More

BlockShow Americas Kicks Off, Discussing Blockchain Democracy, Free Money and More

It will come as no surprise to avid cryptocurrency enthusiasts that BlockShow Americas 2018 started earlier today in the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas.

The blockchain conference is set to attract more than 1,500 attendees and will feature a whopping 80 speakers from over 50 different countries.

The speakers from the blockchain industry are set to delve into some of the hottest and most relevant topics for the blockchain community. Furthermore, the conference features several different stages in order to cover a myriad of blockchain-related issues and subjects.

This first day has seen blockchain’s effect on large established industries, blockchain-related governmental initiatives, as well as a recap of the latest judicial and technological aspects discussed on the Main Stage.

The conference’s Second Stage, on the other hand, has featured a forum of sorts allowing participants to share both ideas, issues, and to vent conflicting opinions.

Moreover, industry observers, firms, and international experts can use the Second Stage to question each other’s views and positions.

In addition to this, the conference has drawn a varied crowd of speakers to Sin City, ranging from blockchain observers, industry leaders to professionals.

For example, the co-founder of the Democracy Earth Foundation, Herb Stephens, spoke on the subject of blockchain-based democracy, stating that the recent blockchain push is moving our society ”from corruptible to incorruptible.”

Furthermore, the former Head of the White House Press Advance under President Obama, Johanna Maska, also held a presentation on opportunities to help build democracy using blockchain.

In addition to this, the CEO of Dbrain, Dmitry Matskevich, noted that true democracy is ”about the inclusion of minorities and those without access, including to technology”, speaking about blockchain’s ability to distribute power from the minority to the majority.

A board member from the Bitcoin Foundation, Bobby Lee, who helped found the BTCC cryptocurrency exchange, also held a speech at the conference, touching on the freedom of money – or rather, the lack of it.

According to Lee, regulators and financial institutions have hitherto had what he refers to as ”absolute control” over people’s money. Now, however, cryptocurrency could change this, with Lee referring to cryptocurrency as a revolution for the freedom of money akin to freedom of speech.

In addition to this, Lee provided listeners with some advice when it comes to cryptocurrency investment, listing the top four mistakes to avoid. He argues that these are ”not buying enough”, ”indecisiveness in investing”, ”selling after small gains”, as well ”selling after a panic crash”.

The conference also touched on many other issues, and we will keep reporting on the notable talks held at it, as well as any news out of BlockShow America 2018.

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