Brazilian Bitcoin Advocate’s Passport, and Internet Services Suspended for Criticizing the Country’s Federal Revenue Service

Brazilian Bitcoin Advocate’s Passport, and Internet Services Suspended for Criticizing the Country’s Federal Revenue Service

A Brazilian YouTuber and longtime Bitcoin advocate has recently been restricted from leaving Brazil after criticizing the Receita Federal, the country’s federal revenue service.

The local news outlet Portal do Bitcoin has revealed that the YouTuber, Daniel Alves Fraga, has had his passport suspended in order to prohibit him from leaving the nation. This comes following a 2015 lawsuit filed against the YouTuber on charges of both slander and libel.

More specifically, Fraga is said to have referred to two of the Receita Federal’s tax auditors, Mario de Pinto Filho and Claudio Marcio Oliveira Damasceno, in one of his videos – dubbed ”Receita Federal Teaches us to steal”.

Furthermore, Fraga used images of the two auditors for the background of the video, and stated that the Receita Federal consists of ”the worst bandits in existence”, as well as being ”a bunch of tie-wearing thieves looking to steal from the people”.

This video was originally posted back in 2015 and garnered more than 14,000 YouTube views before the Brazilian government decided to pursue legal action against Fraga. However, Fraga has since gone underground.

Moreover, Brazil has a three-year time-bar for cases of slander, meaning that the case has now been prescribed. Due to this, a federal judge recently rejected a criminal complaint on the count of slander – however, Fraga could still be prosecuted for libel.

In addition to this, court documents have also disclosed that Fraga had published yet another video on his YouTube channel, in which he similarly slammed the auditors – referring to them as ”thieves, idiots, bums, donkeys”.

Furthermore, Portal do Bitcoin also reported that a court order against Fraga has suspended his passport, in an effort to keep him from leaving the country.

In addition to this, his voting rights have reportedly been revoked, along with his driver’s license, and any Internet services contracted by him should similarly be suspended.

In Brazil, Fraga is well-known for being both a passionate libertarian as well as a longtime Bitcoin advocate. He has been promoting the cryptocurrency since 2012 when it traded around $3.

Fraga first rose to fame after criticizing a politician who took to the courts to remove negative memes against his political campaign from Facebook. Moreover, Fraga criticized the judge who ruled that the memes should be removed, following which Fraga was sued for ”moral damages”.

Although Fraga lost the case, the court was unable to extract any payment from him, as all of his holdings were in Bitcoin – and Fraga even went so far as to wish the judge ”good luck” in trying to access his Bitcoin portfolio.

It is currently unclear where Fraga is, as he has not posted any new videos during the past year. If he has not yet left Brazil, he might nowadays face some difficulties in doing so without a valid passport.

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