Brother to Pablo Escobar Creates His Own Cryptocurrency and Claims Bitcoin is a Scam Created by U.S.A

In the space of cryptocurrencies, it seems that everything is possible.

Roberto de Jesús Escobar Gaviria, biological brother to the notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar has released his own cryptocurrency, called dietbitcoin (DDX)

Escobar Inc, the legacy of Pablo Escobar  protected by his brother Roberto Escobar, confirms the creation of the dietbitcoin to nextweb.

“We at Escobar Inc are committed to support the cryptocurrency dietbitcoin fully and are managing the day-to-day operations of this new currency.” quoted by the firm.

One of the things that inspired Roberto Escobar to create the dietbitcoin, came from looking back at his early days as a child, when visiting a local printing press in Medellin with his father.

Reflecting on that day as a child, he is not thinking about printing paper, but on printing money.

”Every major government in the world is printing money. They all print money like it is nothing. I have been inside these printing presses. I have been inside, and I have seen Dollars printed” quoted from his 281 page book Pablo Escobar’s dietbitcoin.

And he continues to comment that with the invention of cryptocurrencies everyone can now print money:

“You are not printing money, but you are printing something that people will want to buy and exchange with one another, and that’s worth more than money”

But he is not that impressed with Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies in the market, claiming most of them are scams and that Bitcoin was created by the U.S government:

“I am the first person in the world, Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, to publicly come out and claim that Bitcoin was created by the American Government”

About Ethereum, his comments are:

”Ethereum was created by a young child who is a neighbor of some of my friends. Ethereum is a complete scam. This is nice technology, but it was created by a small child. Who cares about this child?”

What about his own cryptocurrency, dietbitcoin?

“Humanity needs dietbitcoin. Let me tell you why, and I will remind you that I already did tell you once before. My coin will exist for many years, even after my death, and I will support it one-hundred percent, for the people, for my family, and for the team that helped to create my coin. This is why I created my coin, the dietbitcoin

To read the whole interesting story about the creation of dietbitcoin and his thoughts on the cryptoworld, check out his 281 page book in pdf version, or read the shorter version, the whitepaper of dietbitcoin.

Debitbitcoin with a total marketcap of 21 million, is currently running it’s ICO offering until May 2018 for 2$ per coin.

What are thoughts on dietbitcoin and the claims that bitcoin was created by the U.S government, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies being a scam? Comment below:


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  1. Any FIAT currency needs trust in order for it to work. It doesn’t matter which cryptocurrency gains trust but those which do will be more valuable.

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