Cardano Foundation, A ‘Powerhouse Moving Into 2019’ – Charles Hoskinson

Cardano Foundation, A ‘Powerhouse Moving Into 2019’ - Charles Hoskinson

Cardano Foundation, Emurgo, and IOHK, led by Charles Hoskinson, are three separate entities that collaborate together to grow, develop and manage Cardano (ADA). Leadership issues that previously plagued The Cardano Foundation, have been resolved, partly thanks to the exit of ex-chairman, Michael Parsons.  Cardano’s newest wave of updates continues to move the project forward as three new Foundation Council members are elected.  

Cardano Community Gets Good News As Cardano Foundation Elects New Chairman, Nathan Kaiser

Cardano Foundation strengthens its Foundation Council as it elects Nathan Kaiser as the Foundation’s new Chairman.  One of three great minds added to the Cardano ecosystem. Kaiser succeeds Pascal Schmidt, who Hoskinson refers to as one of the good guys in his recent youtube video discussing Cardano’s updates.  
Pascal Schmidt was acting as the interim Chairman after Michael Parson’s resignation and will continue to be a member of the Foundation Council according to their update.

Emurgo CIO, Manmeet Singh, is elected to assist Emurgo in how they develop, support, and incubate commercial ventures and help them integrate into Cardano’s decentralized ecosystem.

Domino Burki, the Managing Partner of Du Lac Capital, is the third member elected into Cardano’s Foundation Council.  Burki brings 15 years of legal experience within the banking industry to the Cardano Foundation.

IOHK Weekly Technical Reports reveal Cardano updates, including:

  • Daedalus wallet fixes
  • dApp features
  • wallet backend
  • networking
  • decentralization improvements
  • development of Plutus and Marlowe smart contract capabilities

Additional updates can be viewed at Cardano’s Roadmap.

Smart Contract functionality added by Cardano with Plutus and Marlowe, two new tools that go live on December 18th.

Plutus is a “general-purpose functional programming environment for Cardano” developed by IOHK.

Marlowe “provides a way for professionals in the financial industry who have no programming background to generate code and create software products. it is an easy-to-use programming language that enables them to build contracts onto the blockchain.”

IOHK CEO, Charles Hoskinson, Builds Partnerships and Continues To Move Cardano Forward

Charles Hoskinson has been traveling the world representing IOHK, to build global partnerships with organizations to use the Cardano ADA’s decentralized platform. Despite dramatic price drops with Cardano, which is also tied to Bitcoin’s price drops, like much of crypto’s price action.

Toshi Times reported on previous Cardano updates, including:

Hoskinson has high hopes for Cardano ADA as a cryptocurrency for a “self-sustaining economy.” This is despite the major price drops Cardano and the crypto sphere has taken, as altcoin prices are tied to the price of Bitcoin.

Blockchain Job Opportunities Leading LinkedIn’s Job Growth Category

Fundamental technologies underlying blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies continue to advance, applying pressure to legacy financial banking systems.

Blockchain employment opportunities are on a sharp rise, as ‘Blockchain Developer’ opportunities has become the top fastest growing job category on LinkedIn. As long as technology continues to evolve, so will financial technologies like Bitcoin.

Crypto Sentiment

A common theme around the cryptosphere to remember is that blockchain and crypto are ‘here to stay.’  Not only that, but these innovative technologies will pave the path for financial reform as blockchain is seen as ‘bigger than the Internet revolution‘ by many.

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