Cardano Moves Closer to Shelley Release, Amid Flurry of News

Cardano Moves Closer to Shelley Release, Amid Flurry of News

Cardano is currently gearing up towards it next major update, which has been confirmed to arrive before Q1 this year. Now, Charles Hoskinson has revealed that he is about to review Cardano’s delegation mechanics.

Hoskinson finalizing delegation mechanics

More specifically, Hoskinson tweeted that he was about to depart to Berlin in order to participate in an internal workshop. Hoskinson’s tweet noted that they had 50 pages of math to go through before finalizing Cardano’s delegation mechanics.

Cardano’s next major release is called Shelley – named after the famous British author Mary Shelley. As a matter of trivia, Mary Shelley was the wife of Percy Bysshe Shelley, a close friend to Lord Byron – the namesake of Cardano’s current phase.

This news is especially intriguing, seeing as finalization of the delegation mechanics remains one of the main hurdles to clear before the general release of Shelley.

Furthermore, Shelley promises to give Cardano increased decentralization, 1,000 staking pools, and full autonomy. If realized, all of this would make Cardano’s system the most decentralized on the market. Hoskinson recently stated that Cardano would become around 100 to 50 more times decentralized than Ethereum, Bitcoin, and EOS.

It would seem that things are looking positive for Cardano as we head into 2019. In addition to the upcoming Shelley update, Hoskinson has taken a clear interest in teaching Africans to code.

Cardano’s ”Transform Africa” Initiative Progressing

IOHK has previously announced that they are ”getting involved” in Uganda, it toured Rwanda, and the Ethiopian government signed an agreement with Cardano in 2018. Now, Hoskinson recently shared a link to this initiative, stating ”how proud” he was of the African students.

In a nutshell, this initiative aims to teach Africans the ”Haskell” programming language, enabling them to help in the future development of Cardano. Hoskinson’s tweet, therefore, highlights that this project continues to move forward.

Moreover, this comes as recent data from CoinCodeCap has revealed that Cardano was the most actively developed coin of 2018. In fact, Cardano received approximately 46,000 code repository commits during last year.
This is a staggering amount, seeing as the second-most developed coin of 2018, Augur, had a mere 22,000 commits. Nevertheless, Cardano has also been in other news as of late. Charles Hoskinson was recently featured in an interview on Japanese television, in which he talked about ADA and cryptocurrency.

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