Cardano Programming Launches Cardano Plutus Programming Tutorial

Cardano Programming Launches Cardano Plutus Programming Tutorial

The Cardano community has just seen a welcome addition with the launch of the Cardano Programming website. This website, which already features a first Cardano Plutus programming, will be regularly updated to allow more people to get a grasp on Cardano development.

Learn Cardano Programming 101

The Cardano Programming website will, therefore, prove valuable to the wider Cardano community. Increasing the general understanding of Cardano is a valuable way to boost the practical applications of the technology.

Cardano, which is being developed by IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong), is widely considered as one of the top blockchains and cryptocurrencies. For example, Charles Hoskinson recently said that the 2020s will be ”the decade of Cardano” in a YouTube AMA.

Consequently, many are now looking into how to begin programming for Cardano. Cardano development is, however, easier than many believe – as long as one has the right tutorial. The Cardano Programming website is an excellent source of information, knowledge and understanding of Cardano.

If you want to learn smart contract programming from scratch we highly recommend Ivan on Tech Academy. In our opinion, the academy is the best way to learn everything about blockchain and cryptocurrencies without having any prior knowledge.

What is Plutus programming?

Writing smart contracts on the Cardano platform requires using the Plutus programming language. The Cardano Docs website states that Plutus is a functional programming language that resembles the Haskell programming language.

As such, anyone who is looking to truly understand the Cardano blockchain and settlement layer will benefit from previous experience with Haskell. However, although the Plutus language is similar to Haskell, unlike the Haskell programming language, Plutus is easier to evaluate

Put simply, Plutus gives developers functional smart contract platform. As such, it is an execution platform that runs directly on the Cardano settlement layer. Although this might sound technical in nature, IOHK supplies some rudimentary tools for getting a deeper knowledge of Plutus.

Most notably, this includes the Plutus Playground. This is essentially a testbed for the Plutus programming language, which allows beginners to learn about Plutus development in a dedicated environment. 

Build Cardano smart contracts and create a Hello World Cardano application

Furthermore, the Plutus Playground consists of three distinct parts. These are the Editor, the Simulator, and the Transaction log. These all fill different purposes in order to understand how to write Cardano smart contracts.

For example, the Editor allows one to write Plutus code itself. Moreover, this also contains examples of boilerplate code the first time a user enters the Playground. As such, this provides a valuable starting point for anyone who looks to learn more about Cardano.

Nevertheless, the Plutus Playground becomes much more useful when one also has an understanding for Cardano development. This is where Cardano Programming’s new Cardano Programming 101 tutorial comes into play.

In summary, anyone interested in Cardano or learning how to build Cardano Dapps should, therefore, be sure to check out Cardano Programming’s new tutorial.

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