Cardano Secures a Partnership with One of the Largest Payment Platforms in South Korea

Cardano Secures a Partnership with One of the Largest Payment Platforms in South Korea

Cardano has now finally been noticed, and have its cryptocurrency ADA integrated into Emurgo which is a Blockchain startup incubator based out of Japan. It will be incorporated into Metaps Plus.

Cardano is the distributed computing platform that runs the Blockchain for the cryptocurrency called Ada.  

Metaps Plus is one of the largest payment platforms in South Korea. It has had 10 million mobile to offline transactions.

Thus this partnership will give Ada access to the large platform which is available in over 33000 offline stores. According to an official press release by Emurgo, ADA will be accessible on Metaps Plus in Q3 2018.

“Our partnership with Metaps plus will allow Ada to expand more rapidly and be recognized eventually as a new way for payment settlement in the Korean market,” CEO of Emurgo, Ken Kodama said.

Cardano has taken a giant leap to the mainstream with this move.

“The adoption of Cardano’s Ada cryptocurrency token by Metaps Plus means immediate digital payments or settlements, with little to no fraud, can soon take place in Korea, a country that has a pioneering history of innovation and early adoption of new technologies,” Micheal Parsons, the Chairman of Cardano Foundation said.

South Korea already enjoys Cardano and cryptocurrency exchanges, and thus this connection is bound to be popular. There are already many fans of Ada cryptocurrency showing their happiness on Twitter.

Cardano team has been working very hard on the Proof of Stake algorithm which solves many of the security flaws. It means it has both PoS and PoW which enhances security to another level.

Currently the third generation cryptocurrency, ADA is at the number 7 position compared to the remaining cryptocurrencies. For such a new coin it is doing extremely good, with current price levels at 0.319220.

Price predictions of Cardano are at $10 in 5 years. It is mostly because of the strong team behind it, along with the Blockchain technology built around an open source technology which will be very easy to use.

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