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Chinese State-Run Media Calls Bitcoin Blockchain First Success, ”America Will Be Left Behind”
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Chinese State-Run Media Calls Bitcoin Blockchain’s First Success, ”America Will Be Left Behind”
China has recently seen a flurry of blockchain activity and news after the country’s president officially endorsed the technology. Now, the official Chinese state-run news outlet Xinhua News Agency is calling Bitcoin ”the first successful application of blockchain technology”. China’s official news outlet labels Bitcoin ”successful technology” This news report came on November 11th, and represents a notable change in China’s policy. It is particularly seeing as the Xinhua News…
“Big Four” Auditing Firm Deloitte Now Accepts Bitcoin Staff Payments for Food
The auditing giant Deloitte is now going to allow its staff to pay for food using a mobile Bitcoin wallet. This is a significant development, seeing as Deloitte is one of the “Big Four” auditing firms. Consequently, Deloitte has deep ties to the traditional banking sector. Deloitte will allow for food purchases using Bitcoin This news comes from a recent report from the Luxembourg Times. On September 17th, the news…
German Government Joins Growing EU Chorus of Anti-Libra Sentiment
A fresh report from a German magazine reveals that Germany may deny Libra. This comes just days after France’s finance minister made a similar claim. As such, it would appear that Libra could face growing opposition in the European Union. German parliamentarian may block Libra in Germany  This latest piece comes from the German weekly news outlet Spiegel. According to the article in question, a parliamentarian for the German Cristian…
Recent Report Suggest Cubans Are Using Crypto to Access the Global Economy
A fresh report is alleging that the people of Cuba are increasingly turning towards cryptocurrencies. The reason? That crypto allows them to access the global economy without the restrictions imposed by American sanctions and the Cuban regime. Cubans use crypto to access global economy  This report comes from Reuters, and talks about how citizens in communist-run Cuba now have greater opportunities than ever to access the global economy. Moreover, the…