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Why the next crypto bull run could be even bigger than last time
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Why The Next Crypto Bull Run Could Dwarf The Last Bubble
There is currently much talk about whether or not the cryptocurrency market could return to its all-time high. Nonetheless, some factors actually suggest that the new crypto bull run could be the biggest one yet. Crypto prices have increased substantially during the last month The past month has seen Bitcoin perform a dramatic climb from trading at below $5,100 to currently trading above $8,000. However, only looking at the performance…
Bitcoin price 5-month high, Bitcoin 2019 bull run
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Bitcoin Rushes To New 5-Months High As Analyst Predicts H2 2019 Bull Run
The last few days have seen all 20 top cryptocurrency coins display strong market performance, and Bitcoin has been no exception. In fact, the premier cryptocurrency has broken through multiple price supports, trading at $5,791 at press time. Additionally, this comes as analysts predict an upcoming Bitcoin 2019 bull run. Bitcoin reaches 5-month high Consequently, this means that Bitcoin is now trading at a 5-month high. As such, the “crypto…
Price Analysis Could The Bear Market and Crypto Winter Finally Be Over
Price Analysis: Could The Bear Market and Crypto Winter Finally Be Over?
April 1st: Spring is in the air, and the cryptocurrency markets are continuing to rise steadily. As such, could the crypto winter perhaps finally be drawing to an end? The last few weeks’ continuous price increases suggest that this might be the case. Bitcoin has been on an upward trajectory the last months Anyone keeping an eye on the cryptocurrency markets will be acutely aware of the bearish market sentiment…
Cryptocurrency Rally Seems To Be On as Markets Surge, Bitcoin Past $3,900
Cryptocurrency Rally Seems To Be On as Markets Surge, Bitcoin Past $3,900
The cryptocurrency markets are currently seeing a lot of green, virtually across the board. This comes as many cryptocurrencies are surging to highs not seen for several weeks, and Bitcoin has passed the $3,900 barrier. Moreover, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization is up a massive 8.97% over the past 24 hours. At the time of writing, the total market capitalization is currently sitting at just over $132.5 billion. This sudden…