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Chinese State-Run Media Calls Bitcoin Blockchain First Success, ”America Will Be Left Behind”
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Chinese State-Run Media Calls Bitcoin Blockchain’s First Success, ”America Will Be Left Behind”
China has recently seen a flurry of blockchain activity and news after the country’s president officially endorsed the technology. Now, the official Chinese state-run news outlet Xinhua News Agency is calling Bitcoin ”the first successful application of blockchain technology”. China’s official news outlet labels Bitcoin ”successful technology” This news report came on November 11th, and represents a notable change in China’s policy. It is particularly seeing as the Xinhua News…
Roger Ver Says Bitcoin Cash Could Increase 100,000%
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Roger Ver Says Bitcoin Cash Could Increase 100,000%
Roger Ver is known to be a passionate proponent for Bitcoin Cash. Now, Roger Ver says that he will give away Bitcoin Cash in order to boost adoption. Moreover, he also predicts that the price of Bitcoin Cash may increase dramatically in the coming years. Could Bitcoin Cash’s price surge 100,000%? To preface, Roger Ver is perhaps best known as the former CEO of On November 4th, Ver went…
The Anti-Hero of the Crypto Space.
The Anti-Hero of the Crypto Space
Who’s the one to celebrate when the whole crypto rank is dropping down? ‘Long crypto, short banks’ seems to be one of the mottos of the crypto movement, symbolizing the belief that crypto potentially will grow significantly and bring its “hodlers” financial gains. However, throughout its quite short history, the crypto market has demonstrated that it can drop as rapidly as it can grow and pure ‘holding’ is not the…
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Bitcoin Futures Launch on Bakkt, 56 BTC in Volume So Far
The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) has now begun to launch its much-awaited futures platform Bakkt. Furthermore, reports are now suggesting that a full 56 Bitcoin in volume was recorded during the platform’s first operation day. Bakkt records 58 BTC in volume To be specific, the first futures contracts – which are the first futures contracts to be physically settled in Bitcoin – first came online at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time.…