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Roger Ver Says Bitcoin Cash Could Increase 100,000%
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Roger Ver Says Bitcoin Cash Could Increase 100,000%
Roger Ver is known to be a passionate proponent for Bitcoin Cash. Now, Roger Ver says that he will give away Bitcoin Cash in order to boost adoption. Moreover, he also predicts that the price of Bitcoin Cash may increase dramatically in the coming years. Could Bitcoin Cash’s price surge 100,000%? To preface, Roger Ver is perhaps best known as the former CEO of On November 4th, Ver went…
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India’s Supreme Court Seemingly Supports Crypto, Gives Central Bank 2 Weeks to Justify Crypto Ban
India’s Supreme Court has just released a statement criticizing the country’s central bank. Specifically, the Reserve Bank of India is being criticized for how it has handled the country’s cryptocurrency ban. Moreover, the central bank has now been given just two weeks to address complaints over the crypto ban. India’s Supreme Court orders RBI to justify crypto ban This news came in the latest session of several hearings, detailing the…
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Justin Sun Says Tron’s #1 Priority Is Now Listing on Major US Exchange
Justin Sun, the founder of Tron has revealed that Tron is focusing on bringing its cryptocurrency to another US exchange. Specifically, this comes as concerns mount over whether Tron has plans to expand its US presence or not. Tron reveals achieving listing on Binance or Coinbase exchange is “#1 priority” Sun made this revelation on Twitter on August 9th. Moreover, Sun’s comments came in response to some claims that US…
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Facebook Reveals Libra “May Never Launch” to Company Investors
Facebook Reveals Libra “May Never Launch” to Company Investors  The cryptocurrency spotlight has been set on Facebook for the last few weeks. This comes as Facebook is reportedly ramping up to release its own crypto, Libra. However, a fresh CNBC report now reveals that Facebook is warning investors that its Libra stablecoin may never launch. Could Libra never launch? This shocking news comes in a CNBC article examining Facebook’s latest…