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Chinese State-Run Media Calls Bitcoin Blockchain First Success, ”America Will Be Left Behind”
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Chinese State-Run Media Calls Bitcoin Blockchain’s First Success, ”America Will Be Left Behind”
China has recently seen a flurry of blockchain activity and news after the country’s president officially endorsed the technology. Now, the official Chinese state-run news outlet Xinhua News Agency is calling Bitcoin ”the first successful application of blockchain technology”. China’s official news outlet labels Bitcoin ”successful technology” This news report came on November 11th, and represents a notable change in China’s policy. It is particularly seeing as the Xinhua News…
China Cancels Plans to Ban Crypto Mining and Signs Blockchain Push Agreement
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China Cancels Plans to Ban Crypto Mining and Signs Blockchain Push Agreement
The regulatory situation in China for cryptocurrencies has been shaky to say the least. A large amount of uncertainty has made investors unsure how to approach the rapidly growing sector. Now, however, China appears to have put off its potential plans to ban cryptocurrency mining – amid a crypto-friendly reversal. New documents say China will not ban crypto mining This news came on November 6th, from a number of different…
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New Government Report From India Casts Positive Light on Crypto
A fresh report from the Indian government reveals a surprisingly positive stance on cryptocurrencies. Specifically, the report discusses the technical mechanisms underpinning crypto, and how India should regulate coins and tokens.  Indian government report highlights positive aspects of crypto This comes as there is mounting uncertainty over the status of cryptocurrencies in India. Indian authorities have recently been pushing for a potential ban of crypto in the world’s most populous…
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China Aims to Replace Cash with Two-Tiered Digital Currency, Says New Binance Report
A fresh research report from the major cryptocurrency exchange Binance speculates over details on China’s upcoming digital currency. Specifically, Binance suggests that the digital currency will most likely have a “two-tier” system. As such, this system could replace the fiat paper notes and coins currently in circulation. China’s digital currency will reportedly come with 1:1 fiat backing This report was released yesterday. Furthermore, it delivers some interesting insights on the…