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Confidential UN Report Says North Korea Stole $2 Billion from Crypto Exchanges
The United Nations now suggest that North Korea has stolen around $2 billion worth of crypto. Specifically, the rogue nation is said to have hacked a number of cryptocurrency exchanges and banks. This is at least according to a leaked confidential UN report. United Nations reveal massive North Korean crypto theft This confidential report was recently acquired and covered by several mainstream news outlets, including Reuters. According to a Reuters…
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Hacked Crypto Exchange Finds $2.3M Worth of Stolen Crypto
The Japanese crypto exchange Bitpoint has recently discovered over 250 million yen – $2.3 million – worth of crypto. Specifically, this is part of a massive crypto theft carried out last week, according to local news outlet The Mainichi. Bitpoint manages to retrieve over $2 million of stolen funds following exchange hack What’s more, this recovery of the stolen funds is a fascinating story. According to the report from The…
GateHub hacked for around $10 million worth of XRP
GateHub Reportedly Hacked for Nearly $10 Million XRP
The cryptocurrency wallet service GateHub has been hacked for nearly $10 million. This is at least according to a preliminary statement by the platform. Moreover, this hacking attack affects around 100 of GateHub’s XRP Ledger wallets. The GateHub hack was revealed by community members According to GateHub’s preliminary statement, the site was notified by community members and customers regarding irregularities in the XRP Ledger wallets.  Although the wallet platform was…
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Binance Hacked for 7,000 Bitcoin in Cryptocurrency Exchange Security Breach
One of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, has just faced a major security breach. Specifically, Cointelegraph reports that May 7th saw Binance hacked for a whopping 7,000 Bitcoins. Binance hacked in 7,000 Bitcoin security breach Specifically, Binance reports that the hackers responsible for the security breach utilized several different strategies to gain pertinent information.  These tactics are said to include both viruses and phishing schemes, employed to retrieve various…