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What is Ethereum?
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What is Ethereum? – Guide for Beginners
Ethereum is an open-source public blockchain which was first described by Vitalik Buterin in late 2013 when he wrote the Ethereum White Paper, which laid out the groundwork of what would later become Ethereum. To understand the origins of Ethereum, one should also know the origins of Bitcoin. If you want to understand what Ethereum is – but you are unfamiliar to what Bitcoin is or if you don’t know…
What is Bitcoin – A Brief Guide for Newbies
What is Bitcoin – Guide for Beginners
Bitcoin has gathered so much interest and enthusiasm since it came into the financial scene nine years ago. Over the years, the opportunity and potentials in the market has continued to increase in bounds.  As a matter of fact, positive conversation that Bitcoin has generated since its inception has been massive. Many people have bought into it and have become millionaires within a short time. Unfortunately, not many people really…