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The price of Bitcoin has fallen suddenly, leading some weary investors to ask "will crypto ever recover"
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Bitcoin Briefly Drops Below $7,200 – “Will Crypto Ever Recover?”
The past few hours have seen a marked drop in the price of Bitcoin. As such, some of the gains experienced during the past few days have been offset. What’s more, this slight market turbulence has led some to question whether crypto will ever recover. Bitcoin suddenly dropped after days of gains May 17th saw the Bitcoin price plummet drastically within a matter of minutes. Although it was initially unclear…
The recent Bitcoin rally broke the $8,000 line
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Bitcoin Rally Broke $8,000 Barrier as Stock Market Trembles
The past hours have seen a marked Bitcoin breakout past the psychologically significant $8,000 line. This is further solidifying the bullish Bitcoin market performance seen during the past week. However, as this Bitcoin rally broke the $8,000 barrier, the traditional stock market saw a downturn. Bitcoin rally recently reached an intraday high of $8,265 At the time of writing, Bitcoin is currently trading just above the $8,000 line, at $8,003.…