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Max Keiser: Altcoins Are “Finished”, All Crypto Value Will Flow Into Bitcoin
The well-known Bitcoin bull Max Keiser, famous from the Keiser Report, recently spoke with CNBC. In the interview, Keiser said that the cryptocurrency market rally will exclude altcoins. Instead, all the crypto market value will reportedly flow into Bitcoin. Keiser: Value will flow into Bitcoin These somewhat controversial statements come as the cryptocurrency market has taken a slight dip. As some are debating whether the cryptocurrency market is just consolidating…
The total crypto market cap has decreased significantly
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Crypto Market Cap Falls $30 Billion as Analysts Suggest ”Crypto Collapse”
The cryptocurrency markets have been especially volatile during the past 24 hours. The price of Bitcoin briefly touched an intra-year high of over $9,000 before collapsing back down to a daily low of $8,173. All in all, this made the total crypto market cap fall around $20 billion in a matter of hours. Crypto market cap fell $30 billion in hours Specifically, it would appear that Bitcoin’s sudden surge to…
Bitcoin reaches new 2019 high as cryptocurrency markets experience flash rally
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Bitcoin Price Reaches New 2019 High in Flash Rally
The cryptocurrency markets have suddenly and somewhat unexpectedly jolted to life in the past couple of hours. Notably, the cryptocurrency market as a whole has surged over $30 billion as the Bitcoin price reaches its new 2019 high. Crypto markets surge, Bitcoin price reaches new 2019 high The last week has seen Bitcoin consistently trade around an $8,000 level. Some believed the cryptocurrency markets were in cool-down mode, consolidating their…
The price of Bitcoin has fallen suddenly, leading some weary investors to ask "will crypto ever recover"
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Bitcoin Briefly Drops Below $7,200 – “Will Crypto Ever Recover?”
The past few hours have seen a marked drop in the price of Bitcoin. As such, some of the gains experienced during the past few days have been offset. What’s more, this slight market turbulence has led some to question whether crypto will ever recover. Bitcoin suddenly dropped after days of gains May 17th saw the Bitcoin price plummet drastically within a matter of minutes. Although it was initially unclear…