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Global Watchdog Says Stablecoins Could “Spark The Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrencies”
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Global Watchdog Says Stablecoins Could “Spark The Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrencies”
A recent Reuters article is reporting that the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) believes stablecoins may take crypto mainstream. Furthermore, the FATF is now warning that this may create issues for global anti-money laundering measures. Are stablecoins going to pave the way for mass adoption of crypto? The Financial Action Task Force is a Paris-based, intergovernmental task force that seeks to combat terror financing and money laundering. Furthermore, these latest…
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25-Year-Old Might Face Life Sentence After Running Bitcoin Exchange
A 25-year-old Bitcoin seller is now facing a life sentence after running an unofficial Bitcoin exchange. This was officially announced by the United States Justice Department on Friday. Moreover, the Bitcoin seller has supposedly agreed to plead guilty to the charges. Bitcoin seller facing life sentence This 25-year-old comes from Westwood, Los Angeles, and has reportedly exchanged “up to $25 million in cash and crypto without a license and anti-money…
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India’s Supreme Court Seemingly Supports Crypto, Gives Central Bank 2 Weeks to Justify Crypto Ban
India’s Supreme Court has just released a statement criticizing the country’s central bank. Specifically, the Reserve Bank of India is being criticized for how it has handled the country’s cryptocurrency ban. Moreover, the central bank has now been given just two weeks to address complaints over the crypto ban. India’s Supreme Court orders RBI to justify crypto ban This news came in the latest session of several hearings, detailing the…
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Mnuchin: US Agencies “Likely” To Introduce New Crypto Rules
The United States’ Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, has said that US regulators will likely issue new cryptocurrency regulations. Specifically, Mnuchin argues that these new rules will make sure cryptocurrencies don’t “negatively impact” the existing financial system.  Mnuchin predicts “more” regulations This news came in a recent CNBC television interview. What’s more, the Trump administration has recently begun to become more active regarding cryptocurrencies. The administration has previously been staying quiet…