CFO Leaves Australia’s Common Wealth Bank and Joins EOS’s Block.One

CFO Leaves Australia’s Common Wealth Bank and Joins EOS’s Block.One

You know a cryptocurrency company means business when a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Australia’s Commonwealth Bank (CBA) leaves to join the technological company. Rob Jesudason, left his respectable post of CFO from CBA to join Blockchain software firm was established in 2017 with a release of a white paper for EOS.IO which will be launched in June 2018. The firm’s main aim is to support the creation of decentralized apps on an industrial scale.

The EOS tokens which were distributed had a supply of 1 billion and are currently valued at more than $12 billion. The team includes CEO Brendan Blumer, who has been working on Blockchain since 2014 and Chief Technical Officer Daniel Larimer who also co-founded Bitshares and Steemit.

EOS is currently the world’s 5th largest cryptocurrency regarding the market cap.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported on May 14th that Rob Jesudason resigned immediately to become the group president and chief operating officer of’s CEO, Brendan Blumer boasted about Jesudason’s skills and how it will help

“Rob has a proven track record of success in global financial services, where he has been involved in industry innovation and facilitated regulatory advancement enabling the adoption of new technologies,” Blumer said.

“His alignment with our organizational priorities of creating compliant, high-performance blockchain solutions, is an ideal fit for, and is an exciting conclusion to our thorough search for the right individual,” Blumer further added about Jesudason.

Jesudason was excited about the move.

“The market’s strong response to’s approach has resulted in it being one of the fastest growing organizations in the world, and this will inform our operational growth strategies going forward. I am delighted to be joining Brendan and the team,” Jesudason said with enthusiasm.

Australia’s Commonwealth Bank (CBA) has been facing a tough time recently. There have been allegations of breaching of anti-money laundering (AML) laws along with financing laws.

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