Challenges and Trends Related to Crypto Gaming

It is undeniable that the crypto gaming industry could be a powerful avenue to increased cryptocurrency adoption. What’s more, digital assets are quickly turning traditional notions on their head. This comes as the advent of the internet has created a new world, which can be seen as a parallel world to the physical world. 

Digital assets and aspects of the digital world will only become more important

Some people already prioritize spending money on their presence in this digital world, rather than the physical world. The rise of digital in-app and in-game purchases expertly demonstrates this occurrence. 

One of the areas that have been most noticeably impacted by the rise of digital assets is the gaming sector. Moreover, this is largely the case due to the fact that games are part of the digital world, and as such, it can utilize digital assets.

Consequently, the digital world will likely grow even more influential in the years to come. As a result, digital identities, digital ownership and digital assets will likely become even more important. Nevertheless, actors could potentially this phenomenon could potentially be exploited. 

If a number of companies were to seize control over the market, and effectively have a monopoly over the entire digital space. The notion that corporations could, as such, hold control over users’ worlds, identities and assets in a “Ready Player One”-esque manner.

CocosBCX is one of the companies trying to tackle this challenge in creating mobile blockchain games. For example, CocosBCX’s developer tool “Cocos Creator” draws on a number of tried-and-tested developer functionality, combined with highly intuitive features such as drag-and-drop game development within its “integrated development environment”. 

CocosBCX aims to give developers the tools needed to tackle these challenges

The Cocos Creator tool intends to allow data-driven workflows, which could theoretically allow developers unfamiliar with coding to create games just mainly using drag-and-drop, but with the option to augment this with code through scripting.

One area where timers are absolutely critical, due to trust issues, is within the gambling sector. Put simply, users do not want developers being able to manipulate the timer used within the gaming game. As such, CocosBCX is providing tools allowing developers to implement this type of timers when developing games.

Moreover, randomness is another feature oftentimes required in game development. CocosBCX has an interesting solution to generating truly random numbers. Specifically, any read or write access is set to cause “irreversible changes to the random data pools”. As such, any attempt to check an upcoming random number will change the number in question.

What’s more, interoperability is a feature that is thought to could dramatically change how users behave and use game assets. Interoperability presents users with the theoretical option to bring over digital assets from one game to another.

CocosBCX is also releasing the Cocos-BCX TestNet 1.0 (dubbed Gang Rinpoche, after the Tibetan mountain) on June 6th. This means that developers will be able to start using and understanding digital assets and blockchain-based game development.

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