Charles Hoskinson Announces IOHK Summit 2019 Attendees Will Receive Tangem Smart Card

Charles Hoskinson Announces IOHK Summit 2019 Attendees Will Receive Tangem Smart Card

IOHK Summit 2019 is fast approaching. The blockchain-centric event will host speakers, cryptocurrency experts, and partners and take place on April 17th and 18th in Miami, Florida.

”What’s in your wallet? A private key and NFC”

Moreover, Charles Hoskinson – the CEO of IOHK and one of Ethereum’s co-founders – has recently revealed that attendees of the event will be treated to a special gift.

Specifically, Hoskinson recently shared a tweet, which pictured dark-blue cards along with stating ”What’s in your wallet? A private key and NFC. Come to the IOHK Summit all attendees get a tangem wallet for free.”

As such, it is clear that those taking part in IOHK Summit 2019 will receive a Tangem smart card, which contains ”new smart card technology that allows you to store and carry cryptocurrencies on physical plastic cards and NFC antenna inside.”

Furthermore, Hoskinson has already extensively teased a Tangem-based smart-card, containing a Cardano wallet. Toshi Times covered Hoskinson when he shared some insight into the technology three weeks ago.

At the time, Hoskinson teased integration between a white Cardano wallet smart-card and a Samsung Galaxy S9+, which seemingly allowed users to view their ADA balance or spend the cryptocurrency straight on NFC-enabled devices with support for this smart-card functionality.

IOHK attendees will have the chance to get their hands on the smart cards

The smart-card which will be distributed to IOHK Summit attendees will supposedly utilize a ”secure chip” for carrying digital value, according to the information printed on the card.

Furthermore, the card also instructs users to ”always verify the authenticity and value using an official app via NFC. Keep the card physically secure. Redeemable to blockchain at any time.”

Hoskinson has long touted the potential benefits this type of NFC-enable smart cards can hold. Last year, Hoskinson touched on the subject in an AMA session on YouTube.

At that time, Hoskinson noted that such smart-cards would have a marked cost-advantage, seeing as they have a very low cost of deployment. In fact, the smart cards are said to only cost around one US dollar per smart card to manufacture.

Consequently, this type of smart-card could readily be deployed at a competitive price point all around the world. As such, the smart cards could be well-suited for deployment in developing nations – which could potentially lay the groundwork for significantly increased cryptocurrency adoption.

It remains to be seen whether this initiative by Hoskinson will serve to increase the popularity of the smart-cards. Nevertheless, Hoskinson’s Twitter post has already attracted some attention, with Hoskinson indicating that he might send out some ADA smart-cards.

Image Credits: Charles Hoskinson on Twitter

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