China’s Updated Blockchain Ranking: EOS 1st, Ethereum 2nd, Bitcoin 15th

China's Updated Blockchain Ranking EOS 1st, Ethereum 2nd, Bitcoin 15th

Back in 2018, China decided to begin publishing openly accessible “rankings” of different cryptocurrencies. Supposedly in an effort to improve user awareness, this list is regularly updated and the time has now come for the ninth revision of the list.

EOS number 1, Ethereum number 2

Published on January 24th, this latest revision puts EOS at the top, closely followed by Ethereum. Specifically, the list is managed by the Chinese “Center for Information and Industry Development” (CCID). It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, however, that EOS is still pegged as the premier blockchain in the survey, as it has occupied this position since June of 2018.

Moreover, EOS has consistently scored high in the list – which is called the “Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index” – and updated approximately once a month. Although this did suggest that EOS would likely be rated the premier blockchain in the survey – which it was – this was not guaranteed.

Rather, EOS faced somewhat of a controversy last year. Cointelegraph reported in November of 2018 that there was supposedly evidence that EOS’ governance model could allow for confirmed transactions to be reversed. Although this could have potentially upset EOS’ lead in the index, it is now clear that it didn’t.

ETH Constantinople hard fork postpone did not affect Ethereum’s ranking

Furthermore, Ethereum trails EOS on the list, and is ranked as being the second-best cryptocurrency in the CCID’s eyes. Similarly, Ethereum held the second spot on the list in December’s edition of it as well. This comes as Ethereum’s lead developers recently revealed that they would postpone the activation of the Constantinople hard fork until late February.

Despite this minor delay, which will see the Ethereum hard fork be implemented at ETH block 7,280,000 it would appear the CCID still holds Ethereum in high regard. This, however, is seemingly not the case for Bitcoin. Despite being the most well-known cryptocurrency, the CCID index has consistently rated Bitcoin quite low.

In fact, Bitcoin is rated as the 15th best cryptocurrency in the CCID’s list. However, although this might seem comparatively meager, it was rated at place 18 back in December. This shows that the rating of Bitcoin is at least headed in a positive direction.

Moreover, Ripple comes in at place number 20 in the ranking. This is especially notable seeing as Ripple is about to launch a blockchain research scholarship in collaboration with a Chinese research university.

Image Source: “Pixabay”

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