Cloudbric Seeks To Enhance Users’ Blockchain Experience With Decentralized Cybersecurity

Cloudbric Seeks To Enhance Users’ Blockchain Experience With Decentralized Cybersecurity

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Due to the current nascent market standing, hackers and cybercriminals are raiding the blockchain industry. As a trusted enterprise-level security vendor, Cloudbric’s latest project looks to better protect users and businesses within the blockchain space and its mission is to “Secure Your Blockchain Experience” whether its protecting global exchanges, securing crypto assets, and so on.

Many users are just sitting on the sidelines unable to trade cryptocurrency or simply scared to hold or accept payments in cryptocurrency. Cloudbric aims to ease these concerns through a decentralized universal security platform featuring enterprise-grade website, mobile device and crypto asset security, and users don’t necessarily need to be interested in blockchain or crypto to get protected.

Furthermore, there is a growing concern within the cybersecurity market right now: SMBs and general users are not securing their digital assets or information proactively. In fact, many users or small businesses only look to protect their information and funds after they experience a hacking episode. Through this project, Cloudbric wants to help encourage this change in mindset by incentivizing users to utilize security. By activating the security platform and utilizing its suite of services, users will be eligible to earn  CLB cryptocurrency tokens in exchange for helping to contribute to cyber threat data.

What Type of Technology Will Cloudbric Use?

Cloudbric is currently a market-leading web application firewall as a service vendor in South Korea and Singapore. Its current web application security technology is a proprietary technology featuring one of the most accurate (low false positive rated) engines on the market. However, to further advance its detection capabilities, Cloudbric will be focusing a new core patent-pending technology for its ICO venture, which will be based on deep learning.

How to Get Started

Cloudbric will feature a token staking and governance model so that it can break the barrier to entry for the everyday user. In order to access the full suite of services listed in its decentralized platform, users will need to deposit and maintain a minimum balance of CLB tokens in their respective accounts. At the same time, the more they utilize Cloudbric’s services (adding more sites, more devices, contributing to the overall community, etc.) the more tokens they will also receive. Once the initial platform rolls out in 2019, Cloudbric will institute a user governance system where users can vote as a community to determine various facets of the platform system, such as minimum balance requirements, distribution rates, etc.

What is the Ultimate Goal?

Cloudbric’s ultimate goal is to bring more peace of mind to the blockchain arena so that users and businesses alike can feel more confident in adopting this technology for the future. In addition, in the current marketplace, security vendors are privatizing cyber threat data. For instance, users that utilize enterprise solutions (be it malware, antivirus, website security, etc.) are constantly generating valuable cyber threat intelligence on behalf of the vendors. These very same vendors keep this information like malicious IPs, spam URLs, malware infected files, crypto fraud addresses, etc. to develop new solutions to sell right back to the user community.

What Cloudbric aims to achieve is to decentralize all of this information in the hopes that this could further spark innovation and widespread adoption of cybersecurity best practices from the community. Developers will now be able to utilize APIs directly from Cloudbric to create new tools and improvements to its own system, as well as enterprise organizations that can directly use the data to strengthen their current security software. All of this information will also be made visible to the user community as free to use research tools found on Cloudbric Labs.

To learn more, please visit Cloudbric’s ICO homepage.

Image Source: “Cloudbric Team”

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