Coinbase Pro Lists Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Coinbase Pro Lists Stellar Lumens (XLM)

The cryptocurrency and fiat exchange Coinbase Pro lists more and more coins. According to its blog, the latest listing is Stellar Lumens (XLM).

Stellar Lumens get listed on Coinbase Pro

The cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider Coinbase announced that Stellar Lumens (XLM) is the next cryptocurrency to list on their PRO platform. The news arrives a few weeks after the company revealed trading with XRP. Interestingly, XRPs co-founder Jeb McCaleb also founded XLM. Stellar aims to become a worldwide payment network.

Coinbase adds support for XLM immediately in the supported jurisdictions, except New York State. They revealed that Coinbase Pro begun accepting inbound transfers on the 13th of March. They would accept transfers for 12 hours before allowing full trading. Once again Coinbase looks to get sufficient supply before allowing trading. Traders and investors can trade XLM against USD, EUR and BTC.

However, trading will commence in different phases. The first phase will consist of transfer-only mode, followed post-only, limit-only and eventually full trading. For full trading to start, Coinbase needs to deem the market as healthy. While XLM start on Coinbase Pro, or the app has not included the crypto yet.

Speaking about Stellar Lumens, it got added to the famous wallet a while back. All clients got $25 worth of XLM in their wallets which meant that the company airdropped $125 million XLM. The crypto is

What has happened to Coinbase and XLM recently

While Coinbase adds new cryptocurrencies to their platform, they also work uphill in some areas at the moment. The story around Neutrino develops and the hashtag “#deletecoinbase” gain momentum on Twitter. Apparently, the exchange made miscalculations in regards to Neutrino’s products.

However, the Stellar Lumens story develops as well. This story is gaining positive momentum which reflects in the price action. According to, XLM gained around 30 per cent in the past week. Perhaps due to the Coinbase listing or the fact that IBM’s Vice President of Blockchain, Jesse Lund, hinted in an interview that he would share the stage with McCaleb in a few days. They will share the stage during the Money20/20 Asia conference at the end of March. IBM also revealed the news that they plan to onboard 40 banks on its IBM Blockchain World Wire, which is powered by Stellar Lumens network. That might be something they will speak about during the conference.

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