Coinbase Study Finds That US Students Are Twice as Likely to Own Crypto, More Than a Quarter Are Interested in Blockchain Courses

Coinbase Study Finds That US Students Are Twice as Likely to Own Crypto, More Than a Quarter Are Interested in Blockchain Courses

A recent Coinbase study has shed some new light on the ownership and readiness of adoption for cryptocurrencies in the US, with a large portion of US students wanting to take courses on cryptocurrencies or blockchain.

In addition to this, the study shows that a large percentage of US students own cryptocurrency, compared to the national average in the US.

The survey was conducted by the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase in partnership with the London-based public sentiment firm Qriously. Moreover, the study was geared towards ”crypto in higher education,” and gauging student sentiment relating to cryptocurrencies.

According to the survey of 675 US students, social science majors were the most interested in learning about cryptocurrency, with 47% noting interest in the field, compared to 34% among computer science and engineering majors.

In addition to this, 9% of students stated that they had already taken a cryptocurrency course. This is something that is becoming far easier today than in the past, with the study finding that 42% of the world’s top 50 universities currently offer at least one course on blockchain or cryptocurrency.

The clear winner in terms of courses on blockchain and cryptocurrency is Stanford University, which offers a whopping ten different courses relating to blockchain or cryptocurrency.

Presumably, this is due to the Center for Blockchain Research which Stanford launched earlier this summer, which aims to unite personnel and students from across the school’s different departments in working on blockchain and cryptocurrency-related ventures.

Moreover, 18% of US students said that they either own or have owned cryptocurrency. This is notable considering it is twice the rate of the general US population, showcasing that students are quite open to the notion of cryptocurrencies.

In addition to this, 26% of all US students answered that they were interested in taking a course on cryptocurrencies. The Coinbase study also gathered a number of quotes from different professors from the top 50 universities, highlighting their views on blockchain in higher education.

”You need to prepare your students for the future. Blockchain is not going away,” Campbell Harvey, Professor of International Business at Duke University, noted.

He also stated that law students trained in blockchain are in incredibly high demand, arguing that they do not even need to apply for jobs – ”[p]eople are just asking them to join their firms.”

In summary, the Coinbase study reveals a relatively more substantial positive sentiment for cryptocurrencies and blockchain among students and professors at the 50 International universities examined.

Although students can be of virtually any age, and professors are decidedly older, positive sentiment for cryptocurrency among young people was showcased in Jordan Belfort’s recent comments – covered by Toshi Times yesterday – where he called those investing in cryptocurrency ”brainwashed kids.”

New technologies often make an impact among young people and universities before they become commonplace. It remains to be seen whether this increased interest for blockchain amongst students will soon spread to the general population.

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