Coingeek Invests Into Philippine Bitcoin Cash Training Program

Coingeek Invests Into Philippine Bitcoin Cash Training Program

The Calvin Ayre-controlled mining and blockchain company Coingeek is looking towards training developers in the Philippines. The firm recently announced that it will contribute a sizable amount of more than $150,000 to assist in financing Bitcoin Cash development in the island nation, which has become the world’s second-largest outsourcing region. This comes after several separate investments into the R&D of Bitcoin Cash from Coingeek, including both the Bitcoin Cash Shuffle and Electron Cash.

It is no secret that the blockchain market has experienced dramatic growth during the past year. As a result, more and more companies are looking to acquire internal blockchain talent of their own. This has led companies to poach blockchain developers from each other, and companies working in the crypto sphere can attest to the worldwide shortage of readily available blockchain developers.

This initiative, based in the city of Iloilo in the Philippines, is intended to alleviate this shortage, through training a new generation of blockchain developers. More specifically, the developers will focus on Bitcoin Cash, meaning that they will be especially suited to development related to the BCH blockchain – which Coingeek refers to as ”the one true public blockchain”. The developer training effort is helmed by Stacklab and the London-based, blockchain R&D firm Nchain.

The training program is intended to stretch over a 6-month period, and will reportedly only accept applicants that have scored test-scores in the second to the eleventh percentile. Following the completion of the training program, Stacklab will also assist in trying to find employment for the participants. However, odds are that they will not need to struggle even without Stacklab’s help.

The Philippines is one of the nations which most frequently receives outsourcing, as the wages are comparatively low in the country. Moreover, the global blockchain sector is in urgent need of developers. A growing number of initial coin offerings, as well as traditional companies exploring the possibilities related to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, means that crypto developers are hard to come by.

Even though this specific training program focuses on Bitcoin Cash, this provides valuable information on other cryptocurrencies as well. It will not be hard for developers to try their hand at different sorts of currencies as well since the fundamental principles for any cryptocurrency are likely to trickle down to a more comprehensive understanding of the entire field.

Coingeek and Stacklab are reportedly hoping to turn ”developing cities”, such as Iloilo and its likes, into high-tech, cryptocurrency centers. As more and more traditional companies begin to explore blockchain technology and need developers, it is not hard to see the validity of this vision.   

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