Craig Wright Admits Not Having Access To Bitcoin Fortune in Court

The self-proclaimed “Bitcoin founder” Craig Wright recently appeared in court, in the ongoing case between Wright and his late companion David Kleiman’s estate. Perhaps most notably, the hearing saw Wright admit to not having access to his alleged Bitcoin fortune. A recent Bloomberg article covers all of the details of this affair.

Craig Wright admits not having access to Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin wallets in court

Wright stands accused over stealing hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin, supposedly worth over $5 billion, following Kleiman’s death in 2013. Nevertheless, the court case could potentially shed some light on the anonymous founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Wright has maintained that he is, in fact, Satoshi Nakamoto. However, this claim faces widespread criticism as Wright has been unable to produce any compelling evidence. Critics urge Wright to verify his identity through transferring coins attributed to Nakamoto – which Wright has so far failed to do. 

The court session may have revealed the reason behind this. According to Wright, he does not have access to the digital wallets holding the funds. Wright claims to have handed over a “key piece of information” to Kleiman before the latter’s death.

Furthermore, lacking this “key information” reportedly means Wright may never be able to access the coins. However, Wright claims that this is fine by him – as he considers the roughly $10 billion worth of Bitcoin attributed to Satoshi Nakamoto “too much money”.

Wright claims to have recruited David Kleiman in order to distance himself from Bitcoin

According to Wright, he first sought to distance himself from Bitcoin in 2010. Specifically, Wright reportedly did not agree with the direction that Bitcoin had taken. Moreover, Wright supposedly held concerns over that Bitcoin was increasingly used for criminal ends, such as trading drugs.

“I created Bitcoin to be the FIRST digital cash system NOT connected to crime. The Silk Road was made for the sale of heroin, MDMA, Fentanyl, weapons then a reputation system was developed for assassination markets and for terrorism.”

Emotions also reportedly ran high during the court session. The Twitter account “22nd Century Crypto” reports that Wright began crying when discussing the dark web marketplace Silk Road. Nevertheless, Wright said that 2010 was around the time he brought in David Kleiman in an attempt to cover up his own involvement with Bitcoin.

“I brought in Dave because he was a friend and he knew who I was and he was a forensic expert, and I wanted to wipe everything I had to do with Bitcoin from the public record.”

In addition to this, Wright also reportedly threw a document at one point during the court session. In response to this, the judge supposedly remarked that Wright would be “in handcuffs” if he repeated the action.

Wright was also criticized for failing to answer some of the questions. Moreover, he also argued with his own legal counsel, and was unfamiliar with some of the documents presented by his own team.

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