Craig Wright Lashes Out Against Andreas Antonopoulos, Calls Him a ”Shitcoin Expert”

Craig Wright Lashes Out Against Andreas Antonopoulos, Calls Him a ”Shitcoin Expert”

The cryptocurrency community is no stranger to occasional feuds between different notable industry figures. This is something that those watching the markets will have learned during the past year, especially during the highly publicized Bitcoin Cash schism.

Wright: Antonopoulos is a shitcoin expert

Now, however, it would appear that Craig Wright – the self-proclaimed ”founder” of Bitcoin – has set his sights on Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos. In a recent tweet, Wright specifically mentioned Antonopoulos, branding him a ”shitcoin expert.”

Although most parts of the cryptocurrency community would readily admit that the Greek-British Bitcoin advocate knows a thing or two about Bitcoin, Wright’s view seems to differ.

Specifically, Wright tweeted a ”word of warning” regarding Antonopoulos, who is the host of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast. Notably, this comes only days after Antonopoulos took his Twitter account private.

”The renowned shitcoin expert Andreas Antonopoulos is as far as anyone can come to understanding Bitcoin,” Wright tweeted.

”The only thing [sic] correct… how to spell Bitcoin,” Wright continued in his tweet, before adding: ”if you want to learn bitcoin, blockchain – avoid the anarchist priests.”

Wright then concluded his explosive tweet by stating ”Sorry. Nothing he tells you is right.”

There’s a lot to unpack in Wright’s tweet, but him referring to Antonopoulos as an ”anarchist” would relate to the philosophy he champions regarding what cryptocurrencies should, and should not, be.

”These guys have an idea of what they want as a system. It is anti-bank, anti-government and based on scams, Ponzi schemes and get-rich-yesterday schemes. The best they understand are bucket tips and cons. Luckily – Bitcoin is designed so all these fools spin their wheels on dead ends…”

Wright criticizes Antonopoulos’ authority

As a follower questioned Wright’s attempt to undermine Antonopoulos authority, Wright argued that this was not the case. Rather, Wright argued that the only authority Antonopoulos possessed was on the ”SegWit Coin.”

Wright also went on to try and dissuade his followers from reading Antonopoulos’ book ”Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain.” In Wright’s view, ”Mastering Bitcoin” is supposedly riddled with errors, and outright ”insidious.”

It would seem that some of this animosity between Wright and Antonopoulos stem from a previous disagreement between the two. While Antonopoulos has been a vocal supporter of the Lightning Network, Wright is not – and the latter has even referred to Lighting as ”shit squared.”

It remains to be seen if Antonopoulos will respond in kind to Wright’s comments or not.

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