Craig Wright Proves He Can Code By Copy-Pasting “Hello World” Program

Craig Wright Proves He Can Code By Copy-Pasting “Hello World” Program

Craig Wright, the man who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, has been accused of copy-pasting a “Hello World” program. The incident happened when Calvin Ayre, an affiliate of Craig Wright and owner of CoinGeek,  responded to an article which featured Vitalik Buterin urging the BCH community to ostracize Craig Wright. In a response to the article, Calvin Ayre proclaimed that he sided with Craig Wright since he has 20 different degrees while Vitalik had none.

In the replies to Calvin Ayres post, a Twitter user with the handle CowOperate said that Vitalik is at least capable of coding a “Hello World” program. Craig Wright then entered the conversation and claimed that he had taught in both C/C++ and MASM and posted a screenshot of a “Hello World” program. However, another Twitter user named Laurent Raufaste was quick to spot the plagiarism. It turned out that the code, except for some changes to the wording, had been copy-pasted from a “Hello World” tutorial for UNIX assembly programming.

A “Hello World” program is a term given to a simple computer program, which is usually aimed at beginner programmers that are trying to learn a new programming language. The general idea behind it is to create a program that prints out a message that says “Hello, World!”.

Arguably, if Craig Wright has to copy the contents to make a program aimed primarily for beginners, questions have been raised if he would have even been capable of coding something as complex as Bitcoin.

This recent incident is also not the first time Craig Wright has been accused of plagiarizing. In a more serious case, it was revealed that he had taken most of the mathematical formulas in his paper “The Fallacy of the Selfish Miner in Bitcoin: An Economic Critique“ from another paper called “A strong limit theorem on gambling systems” from Wen Liu and Jinting Wang. Not only had the equations been taken out of the paper, but also whole sentences as well, without giving any credit to the original author.

Vitalik Buterin has also called out Craig Wright previously and questioned his claims of being Satoshi. At Deconomy, a blockchain conference held in South Korea in April, he was quoted as publicly asking why “a fraud was allowed to speak at the conference”. This happened shortly after Craig Wright had presented his paper on selfish mining at the conference.

Craig Wright has not yet commented on the accusations of plagiarism, but Toshi Times will continue to follow the situation.

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