Craig Wright the Self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Rants, in a Letter to the CFTC, That He Created Bitcoin

Craig Wright the Self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Rants, in a Letter to the CFTC, that he Created Bitcoin

Craig Wright, nChain’s chief scientist and self-professed Satoshi has sent a letter to the CFTC (the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission) in response to their public request for information regarding “Ether and its use on the Ethereum Network.”

The request from the CFTC was published on the 17th of December and invited the public for feedback “to better inform the Commission’s understanding of the technology, mechanics, and markets for virtual currencies beyond Bitcoin, namely here Ether and its use on the Ethereum Network.”

Wright Claims He is Satoshi

However, rather than just providing comments about Ethereum, Wright starts his letter with an irrelevant rant, claiming that he is the creator of Bitcoin- Satoshi Nakamoto. He claims that “I completed a project I started in 1997 that was filed with the Australian government in part under an AusIndustry project registered with the Dept. of Innovation as BlackNet.” This he claims was the origin of Bitcoin.

He states that the reason he has revealed himself to be Satoshi is because “of misunderstanding and fallacious information that has been propagated concerning bitcoin.”

He helpfully writes that “I plan to make myself available for questioning from the CFTC outside of the scope of this response.” He obviously feels that this letter will result in the CFTC wanting to know more about his life as Satoshi.

Tirade Against Ethereum

His actual response to the CFTC’s request for comments on the Ethereum Network doesn’t start until page 6! He argues that “Ethereum is a flawed concept based on bitcoin.” He then goes onto criticise Ethereum for not being decentralised, not being able to scale, being used on “dark sites such as drug markets” and that Ethereum is controlled by one group who use it “to cover up the fraudulent creation of a digital security.”

Wright ends his eight-page raving with “If anyone tells you separately the blockchain can work outside existing legislation, statutes and rules they are seeking to mislead and defraud for the sole purpose of avoiding regulation and creating unregulated bucket shops and dark web markets.”

Ongoing Controversy

Many controversies surround Craig Wright, the biggest of which is that he is alleged to have misappropriated billions of dollars’ worth of bitcoin from the estate of a former business partner. He is being sued by Ira Kleiman on behalf of the estate of his brother, the late Dave Kleiman. Dave Kleiman passed away in April 2013 of complications related to a MRSA infection.

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