Crypto Billionaires Living the Life

Crypto Billionaires Living the Life

 Would you call the people who made money on cryptocurrencies lucky? Or would you call them exceptional analyzers who were able to predict the bull and bear markets of the digital coins? Either way, they are rich!

These Cryptocurrency billionaires are enjoying life to the fullest from private islands to fancy cars, they have got the best!

Richard Branson, the owner of the Virgin Group, is part of the crypto elite. He held a private Blockchain Summit in his private island, Necker Island. It was a five-day event with Bentley, Private jets, and the exotic beach, with the extra spice of crypto talk.  The Blockchain Summit saw the likes of Estonian Ex President Hendrik Ilves, Venture Capitalist Bill Tai and many other famous personalities from the crypto world.

Being the curious person that Richard Branson is he started gaining interest in cryptocurrency.

“I’m not sure if anybody knows exactly how emerging payment technologies are going to change the world for good in the long-term – I certainly don’t. But I’m convinced they are going to have a big, positive impact, and am excited about going on the journey,” he said about the future of cryptocurrency’s impact in the world.

Another Billionaire icon in the Crypto sphere is Brock Pierce, who is currently the Director of the Bitcoin Foundation. He is also the founder of which develops ‘end to end solutions to bring businesses onto the blockchain from strategic planning to product deployment.’

He loves sunny Puerto Rico and has invested heavily in a lot of land in the beautiful island. He wants to change Puerto Rico into a ‘crypto utopia.’ He spends most of his time at expensive cruises and parties where he enjoys the company of other crypto billionaires. He along with Dinis Guarda and Miko Matsumura will host Blockchain Innovators Summit in Dubai, early May where he will showcase crypto geek’s favorite toys like flying cars, robots, virtual reality portals and not forgetting a beyond crazy desert party!

A billionaire that stands out from the rest is none other than John McAfee. The adventurous crypto lover who has had an illustrious past has recently tweeted his retirement villa on the island of Dominica. The villa is as exciting and fabulous as he is!

The billionaires who ride on the cryptocurrency wave are of all ages. The youngest being 19, is Erik Finman who has a fortune of 403 Bitcoins which he bought way back from the thousand dollars his grandmother gave to him for college. He lives in Hollywood, dines at the most lavish restaurants and enjoys the breezy rides with his Lamborghini. Talk about a smart investment!

The Cryptocurrency billionaires have the swag, the toys and the lifestyle to make anyone jealous!

Image Source: “Flickr”

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