CryptoRefills Allows Cryptocurrency Holders To Discover New Ways to Use Their Crypto

The last few years have seen cryptocurrencies increasingly begin to make their way into the mainstream. Specifically, ever since the highly publicized cryptocurrency bull run in late 2017, a growing amount of regular consumers have become familiarized with cryptocurrencies.

However, it can still be a very real challenge for casual consumers to know when and how to use their cryptocurrencies. Although some cryptocurrency holders are fully onboard with the philosophy behind cryptocurrencies, using them in practice can still be challenging.

One site looking to alleviate this problem for cryptocurrency holders is the Netherland-based fintech brand CryptoRefills. Put simply, CryptoRefills allows users to find new ways to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

CryptoRefills started allowing users to fill up their mobile phone credit with Bitcoin. This functionality has now been greatly expanded, supporting airtime and data top ups across 600 mobile operators and in 180 countries.

In  March of 2019,CryptoRefills added support for gift cards and various vouchers to consumers. As such, users can choose between e.g. game vouchers (e.g. Steam, Xbox), gift cards for web shops (e.g. Amazon, Zalando), music (e.g. Spotify and iTunes), travel ( and even gambling products (although gambling products are dependent on which country users search for). In its effort to allow users to discover new ways to use their crypto the company offers also wide variety of unique local products and services, such as payment of utility bills and satellite tv subscription, as well as vouchers to be used in local supermarkets and electronics stores.  

CryptoRefills puts a significant focus on providing a smooth and seamless user experience. Consequently, performing a transaction on the site only takes a matter of minutes. In order to make a purchase, users select the desired product and preferred amount and then will need to provide an email address or phone number in order to receive the chosen product. Users pay for their purchases using the cryptocurrency of their choice. CryptoRefills naturally supports Bitcoin, and the other most commonly used cryptocurrencies.

CryptoRefills has also launched a mobile app – as of yet only available for Android devices – which can be downloaded here

CryptoRefills is said to be hard at work developing new functionalities, indicating that the platform will soon announce even more features and expanding its catalog. .Any cryptocurrency enthusiast who is interested in learning more ways to spend their crypto should consider CryptoRefills. Boosting the number of ways in which consumers can use their cryptocurrency is one of the key hurdles to tackle in order to lay the groundwork for greater adoption. Anyone who is interested in seeing what future announcements CryptoRefills has in the works should make sure to follow the brand’s official Twitter account.

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